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March 7, 2012 the release of iPad 3 or iPad HD with some more interesting gadgets to be in the Row as well. Apple fans are eagerly waiting to see the upcoming version to be named iPad HD or iPad 3. Apple may also announce the next generation Apple TV 3 and some info about the next iOS version, iOS 6 during the event. Apple has refrained from broadcasting the event live, hence the links provided here will help you to see the happenings inside the Apple HQ in the format of Text and Pictures. There will be video from various blog studio with interesting discussions about the products that will be released during the event.

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple Inc, will be introducing the next version if iPad, that comes with Retina Display, Quad Core processor, Improved Camera and Enhanced Battery as well.

Based on the M.I.C reports, the iPad HD will look exactly like iPad 2, and maximum changes will be made internally to the hardware items in it. You may see the complete features and specification of the iPad HD here. This is a great time for people who been waiting for better version of iPad than iPad 2, then this is the right time to go for one.

iPad HD Release Date

It is expected that March 16 will be the official date to see the iPad HD on stores shelves. Apple have made some great numbers in iPad HD Production this time to see no delay in the dispatch to maximum countries.

iPad 2 for Low Price

Various sources are confirming us, that there will be a good price slash about to happen for the iPad 2, to let people go for the Apples one of the successful and top selling Tablet, that suites the user needs.

iPad HD Launch Event Timezone

You can check the event timezone chart here.

Live Stream Apple March 2012 Event

You can watch the live video streaming of apple march 2012 event also called as iPad 3 Live Stream Event, in the following links.

Live Video Streaming: Ustream, Twit Live

Live Blogging: Arstechnica, MacRumors, GDGT and Engadget

Do get more video links from Techpp.

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