Apple TV with 1080p HD Playback Support and Same Price

Apple March 7, 2012 event was so iPad and iPad Apps and we got the new Apple TV here, with 1080 video playback support and got new homepage with better, cleaned up interface that lets you access Movies, Music through iTunes Remote. Without any change in the price apple has added 1080p support and increased compatibility for various apple devices as well. The new Apple TV Pre-Order begins today and made available on the stores by march 16th, 2012.

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New Apple TV 2012

This new Apple TV has compatibility with iTunes Match and Airplay, that lets you mirror your iPad and iPhone 4S with your TV to watch movies and play games. Airplay is more than just the movies and gaming, you can even stream web content to bigger displays and use it for presentation. The Photostream is another great feature addition, where the new apple tv supports, and you can stream your photos taken on your iPhone and iPad.

itunes match

iCloud on Apple TV

The new Apple TV comes with iCloud support that lets you play the movies stored on your iCloud account. You simply have to buy movies and tv shows on Apple TV and watch them on your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac or PC. iCloud also stores Pictures taken on your iOS Devices that wirelessly pushes to all devices.

Apple TV runs on A5 processor that delivers great entertainment experience to the viewers.

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