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How about learning HTML5 in a quick and smart way ?, Decoding HTML5 by Jeffry Way just does that, by letting you know all the essential terms and methods to make you ready to implement HTML5 in your projects. This book has designed in a way to help you not just understand the basics of HTML5, also to let you use them in your projects very well. To become a Designer or Developer, one needs to be in correct hand to get trained.

decoding html5

About the Author

Let me give some quick overview about this author. Jeffrey Way is a web developer who have several years of experience with HTML5 and Javascript API. He actually provide Training on these two, and his students are there in many parts of the world. He started to write this ebook with a thought to decipher HTML5 at the best he can, where any designer and developer can understand.

Have you ever found yourself thinking, “I wish there was somebody who could sit next to me and make me understand this code…because I don’t!”

This is what he felt to the core while writing this book and brought the best to help one to learn to code himself in HTML5 when he completed all the chapters. Without using some jargon which complicate the self learning, he have used all the best basic terms to help even a novice person can understand and become good at HTML5. At this one low price 19$, this book is worth a lot and you will sound good at HTML5 in a very short duration once you completed all the given exercises and topics.

Decoding HTML5

Lets see the top categories of this eBook.

  • The History of HTML5
  • The State of HTML5
  • Semantic Markup
  • Easy Queries with the Selectors API
  • Custom Data Attributes
  • Fun Fun Forms
  • The Essentials of Feature Detection
  • Automated Detection With Modernizer
  • Finally… Native Media
  • Track That Sucka with Geolocation
  • The Basics of Working with Canvas
  • Don’t Irritate Visitors – Use Web Storage
  • The History API
  • The File & Drag and Drop APIs
  • Web Workers are Ants
  • Tools, Folks, and Blogs

Decoding HTML5

Overall, this book discusses about HTML5 in better way along with Javascript API, some extra concepts to make you ready to deploy HTML5 in your web projects faster.

HTML5 is the Future of Web, if you are so curious to learn html5 and make your career become great in web development area, then start it today. Though we have so much free resources online, it will be great when you get a feel like getting trained personally when the author has given more focus towards that, in his writing.

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