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Higher education through GRE ?

gre1I am here to share some idea’s that may be useful while going for Graduate record Examination (GRE). For furthering education, studying in US is a very good choice. The Universities are rated among the top in the world.

Many of the leading and cutting edge research is done at these academic institutions. By being a part of this research you get an opportunity to work with the leading scientists in your respective field. The value addition gained by this sort of exposure is going to be an added boost for a very successful career in the industry.

GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is a test taken to join for any sort of Graduate Studies in the United States of America. The score can also be used to apply to certain colleges in Singapore and some in Europe also. GRE is a test conducted by ETS (Educational Testing Services), and is not related to the subjects taught for the under graduate degree.

GRE Exam includes:

  1. Verbal Reasoning — is a test on English.
  2. Quantitative Reasoning — is a test on Mathematics.
  3. Analytical Writing — is a section used to measure the test takers writing skills.

For engineering students a minimal preparation in Quantitative Reasoning is only necessary as most of the questions would be simple and easily understandable.

However, a detailed preparation is required for Verbal Reasoning. A test taker would be required to go through the Barrons preparation materials word list. It is a word list with about 3500 words, which come for the GRE examination. If you want more information about this Feel free to comment us ! .

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