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Everything – Free, Fast Windows Search Alternative Application.

OneSearchGlassI am an ubuntu user and i dont use windows much. But avoiding windows is not a good choice for professionals. We know that google provides various operators and search keywords to optimize the searching in web for better results. How about a similar search function with windows ? sounds good isnt it ? Thats what we are going to see here now. Ever Fed up with the slow Windows search option? Yes, i too hate that slow crap, and that made me to search for a good alternative, and what i found is EVERYTHING.

Everything is a Free software, that you can use for searching files and folders in windows, much faster than what windows search can.

Features :

—> Multiple sort orders,

—> File list export option,

—> Automatic indexing,

—> Use of Boolean operators,

—> Wild cards, regx and many more.

—> It has the in built service to share the database with HTTP and FTP servers Too.

Have a look at the screen shots of everything,


export list


Download :

This is the Download page for everything, or you can have a  direct download of Everything-

FAQ about EVERYTHING can be found here.

About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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