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Bootstrap is a popular term and a framework used by website developers world wide. Developers love bootstrap for various reasons, and ability to create responsive themes is one main reason in the list. Bootstrap is powerful, advanced, latest and brings all necessary functionality and feature richness in theme development. Joomla is a very popular open source CMS platform and most of the joomla website developers use bootstrap to create joomla templates.


We released full responsive joomla templates based on Bootstrap recently and few more templates are in our queue. As i mentioned, joomla website developers prefer bootstrap mainly because it is easier than other frameworks and very flexible in creating responsive joomla templates.

What is Boostrap?

Well, before starting with the all new Bootstrap for WordPress Theme Development chapter, i like to start with highlighting what is bootstrap and why it is a popular website developing framework over other frameworks available?

Bootstrap is a Framework that has HTML, CSS and JavaScript to let developers create Web Applications, Responsive Websites and Mobile-first websites as well. It has best set of free tools including design templates, typography, forms, navigation, JavaScript extensions and plenty of interface components readily available to use by developers. You can read about the origin and more details from wikipedia page.


This makes bootstrap very advanced and very friendly to developers. Bootstrap is easy to learn as beginners need to know HTML, CSS and JavaScript to pickup quickly with bootstrap tools and development. If you are a fast learner, it will take few hours to kickstart and create your first fully responsive bootstrap based theme or template. Bootstrap has everything readily available for your website, and all you have to do is, spending some hours in understanding how to use all those tools from getbootstrap website. It has all the resources that a website developer needs to start with bootstrap based website creation.

Why Bootstrap?

The increase in mobile smartphones, tablets sales proves that more daily users are using their smaller screen devices to browse websites online. Website Developers and Designers should create websites that looks good and readable on any screen sizes. When you develop websites using bootstrap, it by default provides you all the necessary tools and functions to make it viewable on any screen sizes. Your websites and your client websites will look excellent with better content clarity on 4 inch mobile devices, 7 inch android tablets and 9.7 inch iPad.

You will make the user experience a lot better while using bootstrap to design your websites.

How to Create Bootstrap WordPress Theme?

BootstrapWP is the best online resource to help you learn all the necessary tools and steps to start with wordpress theme development using bootstrap. The author of this bootstrap course program, Brad Williams is with Bootstrap Development for long time. Before getting the name bootstrap it was called twitter bootstrap and the author was with the development of non responsive themes using bootstrap since 2011. You can read about the history of bootstrapwp to know how it is evolved and helping students via online course to learn bootstrap for wordpress.

Bootstrap WordPress Tutorials

You can start from scratch and become an expert level wordpress theme developer using bootstrap after completing this course. Bootstrapwp currently has 4 series of tutorials and 5th series is currently under development. The author regularly updates this website with new tutorials to help you start with the wordpress theme development using bootstrap.

How to Register for the Course Program?

Well, the registration is pretty simple and takes less than a minute. You can purchase the premium package to access all the bootstrap wordpress theme development tutorials from bootstrapwp. The subscription starts from $7 for one month and $19 for 3 months and $70 if you want to get an yearly package. It depends on how much time you need to complete the entire course and want to have access to the tutorials collection. You will get access to the following premium contents by purchasing the subscription.

  • Premium Video Lessons and Tutorials to build wordpress theme.
  • Unlimited Access to Member Forum for all your Questions and Doubts.

Are you ready to start with your first bootstrap tutorial? Goahead and purchase the subscription after checking their free video tutorial. Become a wordpress theme developer in short duration using bootstrapwp and create responsive bootstrap wordpress themes.

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

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