HOW TO: Create Android App Free For Blog or Website

Android is one of the fast growing mobile platform in the existing ones. It is because of the interactive user interface and applications available for android. Officially more than one million apps are available for android and each one of them have a unique functionality….

HOW TO: Downgrade your Android Firmware

 A very common notion and the theory of life says be a visionary and look things forward. And if this is the case let me through a bet one can look forward or come down to reincarnate the older version. Yes, the most occurring problem…

upload facebook videos

HOW TO: Upload iPhone Photos and Videos To Facebook

When ever you want to share your favorite photos and videos from your iPhone to Facebook you don’t need to copy and upload the video from your computer. Here is a simple way to upload your photos and videos to Facebook. Photo uploading differs from…


HOW TO: Download Youtube Videos On Android Mobile

There are lots of software and online tools available to download your favorite videos from youtube. You may download youtube videos to pc easily to watch at your convenient time. Everytime you can’t download the videos to your PC and transfer it to your android…

facebook video calling

HOW TO: Make a Video Call in Facebook ?

Facebook Video Calling is not supported on Linux platforms. You may use Facebook video calling using your web browser Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Safari. Have a look at the simple how to guide to experience the Facebook Video Calling. In order to…

HOW TO: Use Android Phone As Modem

Using your android mobile as a modem for your laptop or any other device is called tethering. Tethering can be done in most of the smartphones and it will be helpful when you don’t have your modem with you when you are not in home….