How to Disable Facebook Timeline on Firefox

We wrote about “How to Disable Facebook Timeline Developer Preview” sometime ago and found that the method, deleting the app is not working anymore as facebook has officially rolled timeline to all accounts. And similar to this technique, you may use an addon to disable facebook timeline on chrome as well. Here is a simple trick using browser addons to get the old facebook.

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Facebook Timeline is an experiment by Facebook developers just like the news ticker and new chat feature. Facebook timeline is been launched with an advertisement that it is going to make a walk through on the Facebook history. Users can experience a journey backwards through timeline. Unlike others Facebook timeline have got some support from the user side even though there are few others who feels its pretty annoying. For Firefox users here comes some simple steps to deactivate your timeline feature and start enjoying the old Facebook look.

Deactivate Timeline on Firefox

The Steps to be followed by Firefox users are as follows,

[youtube width=”600″ height=”344″][/youtube]

Hope you know about add-ons. Here you need to install a special add-on on your Firefox browser.

Install User Agent Switcher Add-on. Once it got installed restart the browser.

Check out your navigation bar for the icon of User Agent Switcher. If not available then right click on navigation bar and customize by drag and drop the Add-on.

Now right click on the Add-on and then chose the option Internet Explorer 7 and start enjoying Facebook in old preview.

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