Winner: Batchphoto Pro Giveaway Contest

Our Batchphoto Pro (59.95$ worth photo resizer software) giveaway winner announcement. As said, the winner got selected through Batchphoto Pro is one of the best photo resizer and converter software in internet. You can try the low price batchphoto version for just 29.95$. We have a 10% batchphoto discount coupon for you

  1. Pranav Jain
  2. Bhaktiramli
  3. Gagan Chhatwal
  4. Vinay
  5. shashank chinchli
  6. Nihar
  7. Jasmine
  8. paulcrousel
  9. azziz07
  10. ha14
Winner of Batchphoto Pro Contest

[youtube width=”550″ height=”344″][/youtube]

6. Nihar

Congratz Nihar. Thanks for all the other participants and please give a try with our upcoming giveaway probably this month end. Happy Blogging !

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  1. I wanna congratulate all the participants. And specially the winner.
    I too one time got same reward from a popular blog. Really its a great honor for a growing blogger. Thanks for sharing…

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