Premiumpress Coupon Code 70% Discount 2019

Update: We have updated Premiumpress Coupon Code page and now you can get 70% discount on theme purchases this December 2019.

Premiumpress Coupon CodeStore PriceDiscount PriceDownload / Buy Now
Responsive Shopperpress Theme79.00 USD15.80 USDDOWNLOAD
Responsive Couponpress Theme79.00 USD15.80 USDDOWNLOAD
Responsive Moviepress Theme79.00 USD15.80 USDDOWNLOAD
Responsive Realtorpress Theme79.00 USD15.80 USDDOWNLOAD
Responsive Classifiedspress Theme79.00 USD15.80 USDDOWNLOAD
Responsive Auctionpress Theme79.00 USD15.80 USDDOWNLOAD
Responsive Directory Press Theme79.00 USD15.80 USDDOWNLOAD
Responsive Comparison Theme79.00 USD15.80 USDDOWNLOAD
Responsive CarDealer Theme79.00 USD15.80 USDDOWNLOAD
Responsive Job Board Theme79.00 USD15.80 USDDOWNLOAD
Responsive Dating Theme79.00 USD15.80 USDDOWNLOAD
Responsive Music Theme79.00 USD15.80 USDDOWNLOAD

Ever wanted to start a shopping website to sell your products ? a real estate website, directory website or any other website without web programming knowledge ? Premiumpress will help you to start a niche website without any coding knowledge and all you have to know is how to install a wordpress, plugin, themes. Everything can be customized with a well designed User Interface that is built specially for beginners. You also dont have to spend huge money to get this simple yet very powerful wordpress plugin.

Premiumpress Coupon Code that we have here also lets you save a flat 35% discount from the store pricing. Each premium themes comes with extra ordinary support by the developers and you can start your web business niche website in minutes after getting your premiumpress license codes.


For an Example, starting a shopping website has never been easier. But the arrival of Responsive Shopping Cart theme changes the game totally and the way we run Shopping websites. We dont need to setup a team of programmers or outsource our shopping website requirement to some other company in different country for cheaper solution. If you are ready to spend some time with the wordpress plugin, that is all it takes and you will be able to setup and complete your shopping website in minutes. You can start uploading the product details that you want to sell to your customers.

WordPress is one powerful blogging platform which can also be used as the Best Content Management System (CMS) with the use of plugins or themes.

Premiumpress Responsive Themes

All premiumpress themes have received an update recently which made it fully Responsive. Your Shopping or Real Estate website will look beautiful in iPhone, Android, iPad and any other tablets without loosing the perfection as it feels and looks in desktop system. Your customers can now order products easily from their mobile phone or tablet on the go. With a small quick introduction let me give you the premiumpress coupon codes to save 35% this month.

Premiumpress Discount Code

Here are the list of themes with their exclusive limited time Premiumpress Discount Code.

Responsive Shopping Cart

Make your shopping website faster and easier with Responsive Shopping Cart theme from Premiumpress. The theme is very SEO friendly and you can start selling your products in minutes after installing and setting up this theme.

Original Price: $79.00

Discount Price: $51.35

Responsive Shopping Cart 35% Coupon Code

Responsive Coupon Theme

This is an SEO friendly, HTML5 Coded Responsive Coupon Theme from Premiumpress. You can start adding your coupons instantly after setting up in your wordpress blog. This lets you run any coupon website and start giving deals, offers, promotional codes and so on.

Original Price: $79.00

Discount Price: $51.35

Responsive Coupon Theme 35% Coupon Code

Responsive Directory Theme

Search Engine friendly Directory website in minutes with complete administrator features to control the listings, membership packages, recurring payments and so much. This is one powerful directory theme that stands out from the crowd.

Original Price: $79.00

Discount Price: $51.35

Responsive Directory Theme 35% Coupon Code

Responsive Real Estate Theme

Are you a Realtor who want to start your own website to list all the property you own ? Responsive Real Estate Theme is specially for you with advanced SEO friendly features to rank well in Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. Real Estate Themes are very less and when you can use it with the worlds popular software WordPress, it will be more powerful.

Original Price: $79.00

Discount Price: $51.35

Responsive Real Estate Theme 35% Coupon Code

Responsive Video Sharing Theme

How about starting a video website that lets visitors watch videos in various categories. You can add videos from other free video streaming networks or you can upload your own video and share it easily with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so on. Videos that go viral will bring lots of visitors and you can easily run a professional looking video sharing website in minutes with Premiumpress Responsive Video Sharing Theme. You can place video ads, text ads and image ads to make revenue from your video website.

Original Price: $79.00

Discount Price: $51.35

Responsive Video Theme 35% Coupon Code

Responsive Classifieds Theme

Feature rich Classifieds with built in maps, advanced search tool, pricing, memberships and more. Start your classifieds websites in minutes with this responsive classifieds theme from Premiumpress.

Original Price: $79.00

Discount Price: $51.35

Responsive Classifieds Theme 35% Coupon Code

Responsive Auction Theme

Ever thought about running an auction website ? you can do that easily in your region with this powerful responsive auction wordpress theme from premiumpress. Its super simple and very easy to customize with its extra ordinary admin panel. Dont delay, start your auction website instantly with our great discount.

Original Price: $79.00

Discount Price: $51.35

Responsive Auction Theme 35% Coupon Code

Responsive Music Community Theme

Have a Music Band ? now you are start your music community and upload your band music to a website that is well search engine optimized and super easy to share with more people. Visitors can listen, rate your music clips and share them quickly in Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so on. Such a wonderful theme at very low price.

Original Price: $79.00

Discount Price: $51.35

Responsive Music Theme 35% Coupon Code

Responsive Price Comparison Theme

You can make money via affiliates with this powerful responsive price comparison theme. Premiumpress is popular for its niche based wordpress themes and here we have one such theme where products can be added or automatically imported from Amazon, Ebay, DataFeedr and more shopping websites instantly in few mouse clicks.

Original Price: $79.00

Discount Price: $51.35

Responsive Price Comparison Theme 35% Coupon Code

Responsive Car Dealer Theme

Are you an Auto Trader or Car Dealer and ever wanted to brand your business under your name or company name ? Then this responsive car dealer wordpress theme is just for you from Premiumpress. SEO Friendly, well customizable and user friendly wordpress theme.

Original Price: $79.00

Discount Price: $51.35

Responsive Car Dealer Theme 35% Coupon Code

Responsive Job Board Theme

Now you can transform your wordpress website into Freelancer, elance or peopleperhour type of job posting website. Visitors can register and become a member and add their job listing in the website. It is such a wonderful theme for creating a niche market job boards or you can add this as a feature to your existing website by installing wordpress + responsive job board theme.

Original Price: $79.00

Discount Price: $51.35

Responsive Job Board Theme 35% Coupon Code

Responsive Agency or Dating Theme

This wordpress theme allows you to create your own online dating website where users can register and become members to meet and chat with others. You can generate revenue using advertisement, membership packages and so on. Community Portal, Marriage Portals and it can be transformed as many other website that lets people create favorites, audio and video chat, private message with other members. One of the best online dating theme for wordpress.

Original Price: $79.00

Discount Price: $51.35

Responsive Dating Theme 35% Coupon Code

So what to do you think ? If you find any difficulty in installation or setup process you can always contact premiumpress support and get quick reply from development team. Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day. Do let us know in the comment section which theme you have bought today using our premiumpress coupon code.

Feel free to drop us your queries here or mail us anytime ([email protected]) and don’t forget to share the post with your friends and followers across social networking websites.

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