Google Chrome Remote Desktop Comes to Android Mobile

Google Chrome Remote Desktop feature comes to Android mobile phones that lets you access your home computer files remotely and safely from anywhere. Google Remote Desktop is also a free service that allows you to access remote computer in a secure communication from your android smartphone. Google Remote Desktop is available through Chrome Web Store for quite some time and it is good to see the feature now extended to android mobile platform as well.

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You dont have to follow any complicated steps to remotely connect your PC or Mac from android mobile phone. In few easy steps you are done with the remote desktop setup and start browsing files, documents and other files stored in your home computer. We do have a quick tutorial for you today to show how to use this all new feature from Google.

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Google Remote Desktop App

Google Remote desktop service will work very well on your Windows Desktop PC, iMac, Macbook Pro or Air with OS X 10.6 (and above) operating system installed. All you need is a chrome web browser and follow the steps suggested here to complete configuring android mac remote desktop connectivity.

Step 1: Go to your Desktop then download and install “Google Remote Desktop App” from Chrome webstore.

Step 2: Chrome Remote Desktop app will ask permission to access all data on your computer and the websites you visit, click on “Add” button and complete the setup.


Step 3: Go to Google Play on your Android mobile phone and search for “Chrome Remote Desktop” Application. Download and Install the app on your android smartphone.


Step 4: Launch the App on your android phone and select the computer you want to establish remote desktop connection. The list of computers displayed here are added by you in step 2 by installing and allowing chrome remote desktop app on your computer. You may add more than one computer and they can be accessed from your mobile phone.


Congratulations, you have now successfully configured remote desktop with your Windows PC or Mac OS X laptop and ready to access it anywhere and anytime. For better security make sure you have unchecked “Don’t ask for a PIN again when connecting to this host from this device“. It completely depends on your choice, so check that box only if you are sure that no one have access to your android mobile or android tablet.


So far there are mixed reviews for this new feature from Google, and we can expect more updates and feature additions to this Android Remote Desktop App in coming days. Android users who have installed and tried this app on their mobile phone feels that it is important to have a mouse support for better navigation and access to the desktop. Touch Input is where this app needs some update on, and we can expect that google will soon release an update to address this issue.


This android remote desktop app is completely free and secure to access any files and folders in your home or office computer remotely using your android mobile or tablet. So give it a try and let us know how far this simple and easy to use new remote desktop service by google can help you. Thanks for reading and we hope you found this tutorial useful. Have a wonderful day and you may now share this post with your friends and followers at Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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