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Facebook will reach its 1 billion registered users base very soon. Twitter is becoming more popular and Researchers have already said, that Twitter and Facebook are going to the be first medium that will tell the world, if the second coming of Jesus happens in any part of the world. Social Networking is everywhere, you cannot see a mobile phone without Facebook and Twitter icon in it here after. The rise of smartphone sales are clearly showing the level of growth in communication.

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People like to stay in touch with their Family and Friends anytime. Social Networking sites are the best communication tools available today. Companies looking for Freshers and Experienced candidates on specific field are also started to search in Social Networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. The Professional Social Networking site LinkedIn is playing a big role when it comes to filling the gap between Recruiters and Job Seekers.

Doing a background check and analyzing the requirement is no more a big task for recruiters. Even, things like identifying the accuracy of data given in the Employees Resume can be done through social networking websites easily.

You dont have to hire a consultancy or spy personals to do such background check on the candidate who have applied for a job interview in your company. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter is just enough to explore more data about him / her than what has given in the Resume. We have one great People Search Engine website named which just works amazing in the way of helping Recruiters and People who want to search for their School Mates and Friends. lets you manage all your Social Networking websites in one place.

Access Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

It is not just all about Recruiters. Employees who have social networking accounts should seriously consider getting a account to manage their social presence even better by making sure there are no false data or records that they dont want exist in Internet.

Remove Unwanted Public Records

  • You dont have to remember username and password for every social networking account.
  • You will not Miss any Important News and Updates anymore.
  • Access Multiple Social website accounts (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter) at one Intelligent Dashboard.
  • Build, Manage and Monitor your Online Identity across the Web.
  • Know Who is searching for you and Remove any unwanted Public Records.
  • Find New friends under various categories.

mylife search

MyLife is not just a People Search Engine, it is more than that. This ultimate and essential web application lets you manage all your social networking accounts in one place also helps you find the public records that are available and updated by you. More focus to the Privacy of every user to make your social presence even better and safe.

Personal Relationship Manager brings you a personal relationship manager to keep all your communication mediums in one place and that too in a well organized way. Your Emails, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be accessed simply in a cool and easy to navigate Dashboard. That ensures, you will never miss any important updates happening around your connected Internet accounts.

Manage Your Digital Life


Its Free and Easy to Manage your Digital Life at one place. Dont delay and signup today to take advantage of all the features that MyLife offers to manage your Digital Life completely and effectively. Keeping things organized and knowing what others will see and know about is very much essential when you are so curious to connect your life with Internet. Take control today and have a safe and secure Internet experience. Visit the or find them at

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