100 USD Laptops for Indian Students Ready to Dispatch

To improve the computer literacy rate in India govt have taken so many initiatives in the past few years. Its been 7 years almost since the work to manufacture the laptops for india students studying in Schools. The laptops are ready to roll out from next week across the country to let every one to use the computers. Human Resources Development Minister Kapil Sibal have said this today.

one laptop per child

One Laptop per Child programme is about to get effective and become an action from next week.

Though the country is still struggling to give electricity to all parts of semi- urbans and rural areas, we wonder how far this plan of giving laptops going to work.

Putting affordable device in the market will receive great appreciation from every one. But how about the Internet connection for those laptops ? Can government provide free internet connectivity those laptops within their nearest school zone ? Because without internet it is not possible to fight and see some positive success against this Computer illiteracy.

There is lot more to be done to achieve something with this, else we must be ready to see the Tax money of Indian people going to Garbage very soon in the form these laptops. Lets hope for the best !

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