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    1. Rapidshare this move is not considered as the best for many existing users. People started to quit using rapidshare and this helps other competitors hotfile and so on.

  1. I have same question as Rajesh.

    Rajesh says:
    September 11, 2010 at 10:08 am

    So wht happens to the existing premium rapidshare account holder who bought their account less than a year ago?

    I too had/have a 1 year membership that expires in June 2011. Am I screwed? Do I get credit for my remaining time?

    Also, why is it so complicated. Does RS purposefully make things confusing so they can charge you just because you don’t understand the “new program”. I paid for the old program and I resent them changing the terms in the middle of my subscription. I am confused. I get “download error” on my RS downloads….I don’t know why…

    1. I feel sorry about it mike. Have you contacted RS Support ? Because here you can find only news about the updates happening around world wide web. We have no right over the issue.

      Please contact rapidshare support team and get the issue resolved. If they fail to, then please do reply here so that people here after will not go for RS due to its poor support and all of a sudden policy change which affects the existing users.

      It should be like, the existing users will continue their period of subscription as per the plan they purchased and the new policy will reflect only the new users. Anyhow, please contact them first and do let us know here via reply.


  2. This is an outrage!
    In July they said: 99 rapids per month for 30Gb download.
    Now they suddenly change that to 500 rapids per month for 150GB download. Who needs 150GB download per month???
    I think it’s a scam and I will not renew my subscription with them.
    There are plenty other good file hosting services these days, like hotfile and megaupload, to name but a few. (Stay away from turbobit.net though. No support for a downloadmanager, slow as hell and lots of aborted downloads)

    1. Same here!

      I’ve had it with rapidshare. First they convert a premium account into these rapids, totally omitting all the Rapidpoints I had (thus denying me over 1000 rapids) The terms they had invented at the time were totally nuts…

      Then they go into the scheme (or should I say scam) as described above, which was acceptable. Guess they were only out to lure new users into their web…
      But these new changes are ridiculous. I use Rapidshare to download some things once and a while, so the 150GB are utterly useless. I still have 55GB left from 2 previous RapidPro extends…
      They want to become a legit download company, but they force you into downloading 150GB… I doubt I can even DL 150GB of legit data that’s even worth the hassle…

      Shame on you Rapishare, luckily there is some competition now 🙂

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