Daddy’s Eye Pro Review and 10% Coupon Code

Daddy’s Eye Spy Software for Android is a very powerful utility to monitor and track android mobile users. You can Record Incoming and Outgoing Phone Calls, Record SMS Messages, MMS, GPS Location of the device and more. It is a completely spy software for android smartphone. Remember to not use it for malicious purposes as it is against law to install this android spy application on mobiles that is not yours. We do have an exclusive Daddy’s Eye Coupon Code for you to save 10% Discount from the store price.

Take control of your data completely without the Protect your Kid from any kind of threats that may disturb their studies and life. Monitor your employees location and other conversations that may risk your business.

Sometimes, spying helps as the best prevention method, before things go completely out of control. Its your responsibility to know well about your employees in terms of business and communication. Employees are the biggest possible threat internally if a company is facing any such security issues via Computers and Internet. Monitoring is must to prevent any leakage of data or information.

Turn your mobile phone to a spy phone which may help you in monitoring your employee without their knowledge. Smartphone spy software Daddy’s Eye silently monitors all the SMS, Voice Calls and Conversations to help you understand whats happening behind the scene and what disturbs your business the most if you suspect that employees trust is missing out somewhere.

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Daddys Eye Review

Daddys Eye software review that we have here will help you to understand how this simple solution can help you save your business and family in many ways. This technology revolution may change everything in our surroundings, there is no doubt that it is changing the way we lived, the way we did business and so on. Trust matters a lot in business and it is not that easy to make sure that your employees are trust worthy all the time. You got to monitor them, spy them sometimes to understand whether they are responsible for any kind of data leakage, reports leak, communicating with your business competitors or not, and so on.

This can be achieved only when you start to consider bringing a perfect monitoring solutions to your network. And one such step is Daddys Eye software for smartphone which can ultimately monitor all the SMS, Voice Calls conversations and other interesting details that you may need through your mobile phone.

Android Spy Software

Once the data recording process completed, it automatically gets uploaded to a secure server location which can further help you to read the SMS, listen to voice calls and view more detailed reports and data through a web based portal. You will be given a secure login id and password to access all those details. Let me list the features that this great spy software for mobile phone can do.

Daddys Eye spy software for mobile is available exclusively for Android and Symbian. This is one of the best and leading android spy software and symbian spy software available in the market today.

  • It lets you record Incoming and Outgoing SMS, MMS, Calls, GPS, Network Information and Camera Shots Invisibly.
  • It Records the Environment Silently.
  • In Symbian Mobiles, it gives Spy Call Facility.
  • Output file format is Memory Light AMR in Symbian or 3GP on Android mobile.
  • Remote control feature via SMS for both Android and Symbian platform.
  • Contact List Uploading.
  • Automatic Transfer of all captured events to your Online Daddys Eye web account.
  • It also records the camera shots taken and stored in the Gallery.

and much more technical details you can see about the phone which will be useful for your monitoring purpose. We do have an exclusive 10% Discount coupon code here for you to save some cash while purchasing it today. Daddys Eye Coupon Code to get you the best deal to start monitoring your employees and kids.


If you are searching for a best spy software for android mobiles, then look no further and get Daddy’s Eye Pro today. It is one of the top selling android spy software available in market. Anyone with basic computer knowledge can install it in minutes and start collecting the data about the android smartphone.

Daddy’s Eye Coupon Code

We dont just provide the best software review of certain products, we do get you some best deals and software coupon codes to save some money while purchasing the software that we recommend. Daddy’s Eye has three subscriptions and you can choose the one you want to purchase today.

Daddy’s Eye Android Spy Software 1 Year Subscription

Original Price: 99.97 USD

Discounted Price: 90.00 USD

Download Daddy’s Eye Android Spy App

Daddy’s Eye Android Spy Software 3 Months Subscription

Original Price: 49.97 USD

Discounted Price: 44.97 USD

Download Daddy’s Eye Android Spy App

Daddy’s Eye Android Spy Software 6 Months Subscription

Original Price: 69.97 USD

Discounted Price: 62.97 USD

Download Daddy’s Eye Android Spy App

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