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Get Infinite Storage on your Desktop using Bitcasa

Bitcasa brings Infinite Storage on your Desktop that automatically sync your files with cloud storage. This is slightly differs from your existing online storage services like Dropbox, Box and Carbonite. Bitcasa makes the way you store the data in your hard disk smarter. It perfectly sync your data in realtime with cloud storage and your hard disk drive.

Bitcasa Infinite Storage


What makes Bitcasa Unique ?

Everytime you modify a file stored in a folder that you did “Cloudify“, then you can access the exact version of it from your bitcasa as well. Your bitcasa enabled computers will have the same data to let you get the updated file. But one thing makes bitcasa unique from other services. That is Timeline feature, that allows you to collect the same file with various versions if you have done any modification earlier. For an example, if you modified a text document for 10 times since its created, then you will find all the 10 modified versions of it through Bitcasa.

Thats where bitcasa stands out specially to help you manage your Powerpoint, PDF, Word Documents and files effectively. Sharing comes as another great feature with Bitcasa, where you can do share your Harddisk folders with your friends and family with just a click of a mouse.

Bitcasa Invitation

Bitcasa is currently in Beta stage and you need an Invite to start experiencing it. Register with your email address to request an Invitation at bitcasa official website.

Request a Bitcasa Invite

Support Platforms

Bitcasa in Beta stage currently support Mac OS Platform and soon to be launched for Windows platform as well.

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  1. Bitcasa will be support in Mac OS platform and its going to introduce in the windows platform. so, it will be great news to all the people in the wide.Thanks a lot for given up here 🙂

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