KickStarter – Fund and Follow Creativity

Kickstarter lets you create projects that require funding and if you like to contribute funds for projects then you may do so through the website as well. Kickstarter is one big creative project to help and get help. Recently Kickstarter have surpassed 100 Million USD pledge and growing.

Kickstarter – Fund and Follow Creativity

Hope you all had a great day and this post is about to boost you all in a positive way.

  • Are you creative ??
  • Are you innovative ??
  • Do you have a Project in Mind that requires Funding ?

Most of the people in the world thinks that they don’t have a perfect platform to start their innovation and not well supported with finance to do something creative. So people this is the right thing you must read on if you are totally demotivated in such a way.

Imagine how it will be if you have a base which provides you fund for your work. Imagine a organization comes forward seeing your proposals and donates you the money to kick start the work. And just dream about people who you don’t know either and from a corner of the world helps you to release your work. Everything is not just a dream and imagination but it comes live by means of


The major goal of this particular website is to create an impact among people like Fund & Follow Creativity. This is the largest funding platform around the world for some creative projects and they are creating tens of thousands of amazing people and millions of dollars of project in all possible ventures like Music, Art, Movies, Technology, design, books, and even public sector works.

The New Way of E-Commerce

You may question how is this possible to a creator to get funds without agreements, ownership splits, patent, and without and investments mainly. With Kickstarter it comes possible as the ownership will be with you and if the fund givers find your work are really worth to invest for then you might be giving a copy of your work alone to them while releasing.

How the Funding happens ?

One may question on what basis the funding will start and the answer is with the hands of creators. A creator will initially margin a fund needed to start his work. And Kickstarter will publish it to all the members inside their network. This will be the initiative and slowly the fund will be increased with multiple people start the funding as much they can for the creators work. Once it reaches the limit margarine by the creator within the duration he fixed no transaction will be made between hands. Once it reached the specified amount before the deadline then the fund givers and creator will be agreeing the terms transaction will be held.

How about Project Worth ?

It is completely dependent on you the one who thinks creatively. The project may be a small or big, simple or complex, culture or experiment and everything must be from your own work an independent thought of the person which should be unique. All you have to do is Sign in, Read the Guidelines and requirements and then Submit your proposal.

Its simple to start with Kickstarter as you have to login through you Facebook account or else can create a new one in Kickstarter itself.

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