“Linkedin and Lovin It” eBook by Rockable Press

Rockable press has released an ebook titled “LinkedIn and Loving It” recently that helps you to unveil the potential of LinkedIn in the view of a professional. LinkedIn is not for everyone. Its the place where professionals update their recent research works, employee status, previous company experiences, skill sets and much more, that simplifies the search for a professional on a certain domain by company people.

Still, many miss the actual benefits of LinkedIn without understanding the True potential of it. During last recession, many have lost their job and many have got new jobs through Twitter and LinkedIn specifically.

rockable press linked inIts not just a Social Network, its a professional network that lets you meet and discuss more with professionals from across the world. The latest ebook by Rockable Press teaches you “How to Build a Rock Solid LinkedIn Network” that can be a constant source for recommendations and referrals. The author Susan Johnstan have wrote many helping tips and tricks side by side that shows the expertise that she has over building a Professional Network.

LinkedIn and Lovin It Ebook

  • Set up every aspect of your profile for maximum response.
  • Build your network to reach your next top client, employer, or partner.
  • Maximize your LinkedIn presence to put your work in the spotlight.
  • Do research, find jobs, follow companies, gather data.

What is LinkedIn all about ? just another Facebook ?

Well, Linked in is not the place to do chit chats and sharing, tagging images with your friends and unknown people. LinkedIn lets you build an highly professional network where you create groups for your company, join groups to discuss various doubts related to projects you involved, getting hired by some company recruiters and so much to say.

Over 120 Million Professionals use LinkedIn

Nine to Five people often turn to LinkedIn when they’re searching for a job. The site also offers tons of useful tools and features for freelancers, small business owners and creative professionals. LinkedIn allows you to focus on building and maintaining your professional network in a strategic and targeted fashion. It has all the Social Network features + tons of opportunities as well.

We hope you have found this guide interesting and worth to build your professional network. Please do share this post in your Facebook and Twitter to let more people get benefited.

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