HOW TO: Design Considerate and SEO Friendly Website ?

With the flourishing of online businesses, there has been an ever increasing need of the ways to optimize the websites and enhance their visibility. There was always the need of SEO friendly web design. Another aspect of it was the designing a website, which is user friendly. Although there isn’t much difference between the SEO friendly and considerate web designs and both are strongly interconnected, knowing both of these is very important.

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The basics in making a website SEO friendly are more towards technical side. The proper infrastructure of the website is a must as it allows the crawlers from search engines to crawl the website and index it. The improper infrastructure with broken links in not indexed and hence has least visibility or none. Once you have a technically sound infrastructure, your job is almost done in making the website SEO friendly. But this is not all but the website needs some powerful and fresh content and also strong inbound links. These links help in enhancing the visibility of the website.

The SEO friendly web design is instrumental in driving huge traffic for the website. This is important because you will improve your sales only when the people visit your website. The websites which are designed to the perfection score well and are ranked accordingly. That is the job of business units to have increased and improved sales, no matter if they sell products or the services. Normally, this is done by the professionals and it is important to choose a good professional company.

The proper SEO friendly website designing helps you bring in the customers but efforts are needed to hold the customers and convert them into potential buyers. This demands a user friendly website, which has several requirements and it is must because only helps you retaining a customer and satisfy him. This plays a direct role in the sales.

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For an effective user-friendly website designing, it is important to know the customers of a company. This is because the website design varies with customers. Different customers want it different ways. This offers a good way to judge a designing company because understandably, a company that inquires about your customers and designs it accordingly should signal professionalism.

However, there are some general requirements which are important from the customers’ perspective. The website must have attractive designs which should make the visitor feel comfortable. Now what is a good looking website varies with time. I remember, not long before, background music was a common thing in the websites. This doesn’t hold good today and may be a source of discomfort.

However, good background with some attractive picture is always important. Apart from this, the most important part is the easy navigation through the website. The customers should find the information quite easily. They should also be able to read the content easily. The font size and the color need to in perfect conformity to the requirements.

Both SEO friendly and considerate website designing are very important. These are interdependent—the former brings the customers and the later hold them and converts them into potential buyers.

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