HOW TO: Create Successful Facebook Ad Campaign ?

Facebook Ads are one of the important services from Facebook which helps users to promote their business. In this, Ad campaign is nothing but giving Ads on Facebook with a specific target on your business. For instance, if you want to increase the traffic of your website, using Facebook Ads you can create a campaign to do that. All you need to do is just advertise your website’s link in Facebook ads to improve your traffic. Creating Facebook Ad Campaign is pretty easy and you can easily start promoting your products, services, websites, in few steps. But you shouldn’t target more than one campaign at a time. facebook-advertising-tips

Recently I wrote about using Facebook for small businesses also using Facebook ads to promote your business. Today i have come up with few tips to create successful ad campaigns on Facebook. This will boost your traffic as well as the revenue of your business. Many start ups reached unbelievable level of popularity through social media influence especially Facebook.

Facebook has 1 billion registered users and counting, so using Facebook ads and pages you can easily promote your business to massive audiences. Let’s have a look at the steps to create a successful ad campaign on Facebook.

Successful Facebook Ad Campaigns

Create a Powerful Facebook Page

For a successful Ad campaign you should have a Facebook page for your business or website. Pages are this much important because more number of likes on your Facebook page will make your business more popular. Likes are nothing but the subscriptions, once they like the page they will constantly receive the updates from your page. So create a Facebook page for your business and update the page regularly with status updates, images and links related to your products and services.

Get More Facebook Likes

The next thing you need to do is advertisement. You need to advertise your Facebook page using Facebook Ads. Instead of promoting your website you should promote your Facebook page because more than websites you can get more traffic through Facebook pages to your website. So while creating facebook Ads make sure to describe crisp and clear data about your business, which will act as the reason that why people should like your Facebook Page. This will increase the likes to your page and popularity graph gets higher soon.

Create Facebook Ad Campaign

When you create an Ad, you need to be careful about what type of people your Ad should reach. You can select, to display ads only for specific age group of people. Already the Facebook’s Ad algorithm is designed in such a way to display ads based on their likes and the pages they visit even though if you make it precise your Ad will get more impressions and clicks.

Create More Ads

Don’t stop with a single Ad for your campaign. It means your campaign should have multiple ads with different set of images but it should be targeted only on a single campaign. Otherwise your purpose on these Ads will not be fulfilled. Creating multiple facebook ads will help you to know about what type of ads get more clicks when you target to promote a product or website.

Initially it will be like a trial and error. You need to experiment a lot in ads to know which type of ads works on Facebook for your business. Some of ads may fail, you should immediately stop those type of ads from your campaign. This will help you to run the Ad campaign successfully on Facebook.

These are simple guidelines to create successful ad campaign for your business or any other services. Try these techniques in your Ad campaign and share your experience with us in the comment box. Thanks for reading and have a great day !

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