Amazon Android App Store

Amazon Android App Store for Android Launched

Amazon Android App Store has been launched day before yesterday and starts with few perks for android users. Angry Birds Rio for Android Device given totally free cost (worth 5 USD) at the day of Amazon App Store launch. The new Amazon’s Android Application store…

android flash support

Adobe Flash 10.2 Update for Mobiles and Tablets

Yesterday Adobe published in their blog that they will be releasing their Flash player 10.2 update for mobile devices and tablets on March 18. This download will be most important for the deserted xoom tablet users, who have no flash support. The 10.2 version brings…

Olivetti-Olipad-New Tablet

Olivetti’s Olipad, Hits European Market Today

Olipad launched by Olivetti a week before, hits European markets today.  This is the first tablet to represent Italy. Seemed to impress Business people, it also has features for the tablet lovers. There’s lot of features that may appeal Olipad better to other European Tablets….

VMWare to bring Virtualization to Smartphones

Sure we’ve heard of Running Android inside VMWare on PCs, but how about doing the reverse? Sounds crazy? Not really, it has been made possible. Why Virtualization on your Smartphone Most professionals carry two cellphones  one cell phone for work and another for personal use….

Android Gingerbread ROM for Galaxy S

2010 is almost the year of Tablets and Android OS powered devices. Samsung Galaxy S is one of the successful model which has the complete smart phone features that one need for its price. Excellent touch sensitivity and super amoled screen with 1 GHz processor…

Google Nexus S Review by Techcrunch

Google Nexus S, manufactured by Samsung with the new Android 2.3 “Gingerbread” Operating System is almost ready to roll out in the mobile market. This year 2010 is said to be operating system year due to lots of os development and release like never before….

Samsung Galaxy Tab in India, this October ?

One of the iPad competitor Samsung Galaxy Tab is expected to reach india very soon. It has created so much expectation with its open source operating system Android. Basically the android powered devices have started to reserve a good place among the internet and mobile…

Google Goggles Features Text Translation service

Google goggle Serves best in translating the contents and offers the related details accordingly. The Google search system is enhanced using this service ,it is offered to mobiles include Android , Blackberry , Iphone, Nokia S60 and you can also check your phones compatibility using…