5 Best Live Wallpapers for Android Mobile

Live wallpapers are most interesting app for the touch screen mobiles and tablets that makes your home screen live by interactive action and sound. There are lot of live wallpapers available for mobiles and even to PC. Here I’m going to suggest some of the interesting live wallpapers for your android mobile.

#1. Angry Birds

Angry birds is one of the most famous game by Rovio started its debut from MacBook and now available for Android also to PC. Here is the live wallpaper of Angry Birds for your android mobile. It gives an interactive wallpaper with angry birds making some different sounds on your every touch. It also gives you a digital clock and date of the day.

Angry Birds: Download Here

#2. Rays of Light

This is an another cool live wallpaper makes your home screen more colorful with the rays of light. The sequentially moving light gives you an interactive interface for your home screen also makes a different move on your every touch.


Rays of Light: Download Here

#3. Magic Mushroom

The most amazing wallpaper with a highly stunning graphics. This live wallpaper is fully customizable and gives a very attractive interface for the users. The wallpaper is available in day and night mode. We can manually change the day and night modes or else we can set the function to automatic. Based on the time it changes the wallpaper. In night mode the wallpaper glows with an extraordinary vivid color which makes it more beautiful.

Magic Mushroom: Download Here

#4. Celtic Garden

A calm garden wallpaper which comes with 3D effect. It is one of the best free 3D live wallpaper with animated Irish forest. The home screen is filled with Celtic fountain in the center and surrounded by Irish forest. The paid version of this wallpaper comes with the lot of customizable options.

Celtic Garden: Download Here

#5. Panda Chub

Would you like to have a cute panda on your home screen ? Then try this live wallpaper in your android mobile. In free version there is only a static background but in paid version you have five different backgrounds. So where ever you move through the screen panda follows you. It fits with all screen sizes.

Panda Chub: Download Here

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