5 Entertainment Apps for Android Mobile

Android phones are gaining more strength over the smartphones market. More than one million apps available on the android market made people to choose android as their favorite ones. I frequently surf through Android Market and find some best apps that may help my readers. I hope Best RSS App “Pulse” had become your Android RSS Reader. Here i came with another 5 interesting android apps for entertainment. Kind of specially wrote for kids as well 😛

Cartoon Network Video Android App

For the cartoon network fans this app will be surely useful especially for the kids. It offers full episodes and clips of your favorite shows from cartoon network. The huge cartoon network video library is available on the app lets your search easy to find what you are searching for. Also you can schedule  your favorite shows in cartoon network. The another cool feature of this app is you can watch the show instantly from cartoon network.

Download Here: Cartoon Network Video

Nano Panda Android App

There is a science lab which is infected by Evil Atoms are rescued by Pandas. In order to destroy the evil atoms, Pandas are shrunked down to nano size. Then pandas will start fighting againest the evil atoms. The game is applied with some challenging physics concepts. The magnetic pull and exploring electromagnetism is the highlights of the game. One of the best game for your entertainment.

Download Here: Nano Panda

Clap Phone Finder Android App

Keeping our phone somewhere and searching for it is common for everyone. How would you feel when your phone plays some music when you searching for it. Here is an android app to make your phone to sing for you. Clap phone finder is an one such app, makes your phone start ringing when you clap. It have lot of customizing options to make it function as you need. Also the battery usage of clap phone finder is very less that you can see in the screenshot below.

Download Here: Clap Phone Finder

SPB Shell 3D Android App

The developer of SPB Shell 3D describe this app as a next generation interface because it changes every functionality of your android mobile. It gives a new 3D interface to your mobile. Folders, widgets, menu, contacts and everything will get a 3D look after installing this app. It is now available on android market with 50% discount.

Download Here: SPB Shell 3D

Little Photo Android App

One of the best photo editing application for android mobile. So far the app had reached 1 million downloads. It adds films and retouch your favorite photos with an elegant style. Also it stakes multiple effects for your photo style.  To celebrate 1 million downloads the app is available at a great discount until June 7, 2011.

Download Here: Little Photo

See you soon with few more interesting apps for Android mobile phone to enhance your experience with your Android Smartphone.

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