winamp for mac

Winamp Sync Released for Mac OS X

Winamp has released winamp sync for Mac OS X platform couple of days ago. One of the top downloaded music player software for windows platform expected to be available for Mac OS platform since 2001. Winamp Sync lets you sync your Android mobile with Mac…

paypal nfc

Paypal announces NFC Peer to Peer Transactions

Say Cheers to your Friend with Android phone in Hand to send money to your friend via Paypal. Paypal has brought NFC peer to peer transactions to Android smartphones that has NFC enabled. Certain android smartphones dont have this NFC feature enabled, hence it is…

5 Entertainment Apps for Android Mobile

Android phones are gaining more strength over the smartphones market. More than one million apps available on the android market made people to choose android as their favorite ones. I frequently surf through Android Market and find some best apps that may help my readers….

Internet Addiction Bumble’s Youths Life.

In this modern era , internet has become a basic element and it has become the source of addiction and the root cause for many disabilities . In recent years according to the research they have found out that the youths are getting more indulged…