How to use Google Images to Generate Free Traffic

Google Image is a service through which the users can search the web for images and graphics. Google Images can be used effectively to increase free traffic to your website. Suppose your website contains images and graphics. You will want to optimize them to get free traffic to your site. You may even add extra graphics to your site and make sure that they are optimized for Google Images. This is certainly advantageous in getting more and more people to visit your website.

The keywords for the Google search are based on the file name of the image and also the text next to the image. Thus the title that you give to your image or the text you write describing it are also important for the search.

Google Image SearchFor an example, you have a website about cats. You also have relevant images. Your keywords should be something like Caring for Cats or Cat Products. These prominent titles will ensure that your site is featured prominently on the image search pages.

When a visitor clicks on your picture, then your website opens with the picture in it, so that the visitors can view it. As the visitors clicks on the image, and click on the tab named remove frame on the top right hand side of the page, then the Google image will change into the actual website.

To optimize your images more for better indexing, you require some knowledge of html. You have to use the html image tag, and ensure that you optimize your keywords here. It is also helpful if you include your keywords in writing the html code, as this is what the visitors will search on.

It is vital that your keywords are included in the html code. Some people browse only in text form, without loading images. Again, it may so happen that for some reason the graphics can’t be displayed. In such cases, instead of the graphics, only the text appears and at least lets the visitors know what type of image was there. This can also help you in getting prominence on the search pages. When people search for terms like cat products and caring for Cats on the internet, then the website from which the picture was taken from will appear. So, the keyword associated with the image is very relevant. The text needs to be short, catchy and relevant to get featured on the search pages.

Google Search TrafficIf you are not sure of what the html tags mean, then for guidance, you can visit sites various relevant websites on internet. There you will find basic as well as advanced level tutorials to assist you.

Thus, to get more traffic to your website, you can optimize the existing images and graphics on the site as well as add more relevant pictures and images to your site. Think of what keywords people may be using for their searches; then use the same keywords in your html code to optimize your images. These efforts with Google Images will surely increase the traffic to your website.

Author Bio: Patrick is a Internet marketing enthusiast and web designer working for Go Globe a Hong kong web design firm.

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  1. Nice trick…I have been following this from the beginning  and it has proved to be effective.. Similarly we should take care to optimise the alt text too

  2. Interesting, I had no idea you could do this with images. I will do some research now, to learn how to imbed keywords into my images on my blog. Thanks

  3. Hey this is a nice article. I personally love to optimize the images of my blog in order to get some good traffic and I got the good results too. It is worth to spend the time for optimizing the images and it will open one more door for traffic. 

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