HOW TO: Change Primary Email of Android Without Factory Reset

Android mobile primary email id can be changed easily without any factory reset to your smartphone, which may loose some of your data, contacts stored on your mobile.

Everyone has a problem in changing their default gmail id on android mobile. This Gmail id is used as identity in all the services used by them. To download from android market, updating applications in your android phone, etc. So without your primary Gmail id you cannot use any services in your android mobile. Previously I wrote about using email client in your android phone now I’m here with an another interesting topic to change primary email of your android mobile without factory reset.


Note: This feature is available only for the root users. For non-root users, no other way you need so far,and you have to reset your android phone for changing your primary email id. If you need to root your android phone, do read the tutorial posted with the link.

How to Change Default Email in Android ?

Steps to use Root Explorer for Changing your Default Email ID

1. Download Root explorer from android market and install the app in your android mobile.

2. Go to menu and tap the root explorer icon to enter into it.

3. After you enter into root explorer find goto /data/system and search for accounts.db.


4. After locating the file, delete and reboot your android phone.

5. That’s all your primary email address will be deleted. After reboot enter your new Gmail id and Password.

6. These are all the steps in changing your primary email address without factory reset.

It is so disappointing that this feature is not available for non-rooted android phones. Soon I will search and come up with the article to change primary email address for non-rooted android phones without factory resetting. Thanks for reading. Please do share this article in Facebook, Twitter or Google+ to let more android users aware about this.

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  1. Okay…………but how to access Android Market if my primary gmail id was disabled and I can’t log in anymore?

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