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Google Goggles Features Text Translation service

Google goggle Serves best in translating the contents and offers the related details accordingly. The Google search system is enhanced using this service ,it is offered to mobiles include Android , Blackberry , Iphone, Nokia S60 and you can also check your phones compatibility using this link. It is mostly used with the QVGC screen mobile devices .
Goggle has introduced the service of translating the text on various languages to your desired one.
How it works ?

The Google Goggle translation software uses OCR ( Optical character Recognition ) which is used instantly retrieve the language information from the captured image of document texts of different languages like French, German, English, Spanish etc. The user has to select the picture containing text and point to the text area using region of button,it recognises all forms of text fonts and the fonts at earlier ages too.Now you will get appeared with the option to select the language to be translated . Google Goggle Updates are available for mobiles containing Android v1.6 or higher, you can download from Android Market searching from your  mobile.

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    1. They made lot of changes with indian languages to bring it better and more accurate than before. May be its not the same case of other languages they currently support.

      – Robin

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