Google Music Beta Launched, Invitation Only

Google has launched a new music website, where you can create a playlist and listen to your favorite songs anytime and anywhere. This website also works with mobile devices and smart phones. Google music is currently at Beta stage and yet to open to public. Also google has restricted the access to this great service with its usual Invitation only access. You must get invite to access Google Music.

Google music is currently accessible within United States. Soon it is expected to expand in other countries as well.

The site displays Google Music is available free for a limited time. You can upload your personal collection of music and hear it from anywhere. You can also synchronize the playlist which is existing in your devices. So that its now easy for the users to hear their own favorite music on the go.

How to listen to my favorite music if i am offline ?

Google Music allows you listen to your favorite songs Even you are in offline still you can enjoy the services. The songs you have recently played will be available on your device and you can listen to them. Also you have the option to select your favorite songs or albums which you prefer to hear when you are offline.

The best part of Google Music is you need not to worry about file transfer or storage space as they are loaded in Google’s Server. Moreover, you will have to create a playlist or you can make synchronization with your existing playlist to listen your favorite musics. You can add all your favorite playlist in a single library even if it is available in multiple computers.

User can also add their iTunes playlist directly to Google Music. One of the cool feature is once you add a new song to your computer it is automatically updated in online. Instant Mix option is available to create a custom playlist automatically with your favorite songs.

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I feel so great about Google Music after getting know about its features and the convenience it made towards listening to online music. Do you like this new service by Google ? Please drop a comment below.

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