How To Install Scripts Using Cpanel ?

CPanel is one of the famous control panel for webservers. It minimizes the work of site administrator and does maximum tasks automatically. No need to access your FTP through FTP Client (Filezilla, Smart FTP7 FTP Clients to make your Upload an Download Easier) when you have cpanel installed in your server. File Manager is pretty enough to do all the FTP Tasks plus File editing, uploading and so on. Few months back in an article about creating your wordpress blog you can see how to upload and install wordpress in the webserver when CPanel is in place.

If you have a plan to buy a new webhosting account then we can suggest you some CPanel Powered Web Hosting providers. Hostgator, CrucialP and WPWebhost.

Today we will see how to install any script using Cpanel in step by step order. I came up with a presentation to explain the total process.

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