Best Drawing Apps for iPad, Air and Pro

Are you looking to unleash your creativity on your iPad, iPad Air, or iPad Pro? Let’s see the List of Best Drawing Apps for iPad that are suitable for Beginner to PRO-level users. These Apple devices have become popular for artists of all levels, thanks to their high-resolution screens, powerful performance, and the Apple Pencil.

The Apple Pencil transforms these iPads into digital canvases, offering precision and ease that feels like drawing on paper.

best drawing apps ipad air pro
Best Drawing Apps iPad Air and iPad Pro.

Whether you’re a budding artist or a pro, an array of drawing apps can turn your iPad into a versatile art studio. Explore some of the Best iPad drawing apps, perfect for kids and adults.

Best Drawing Apps for iPad

I taught my kid to start with coloring book apps and then moved to Autodesk Sketchbook app to start with Free Sketch. Allowing our kids to explore the available tools and suggesting video tutorials with simple outline drawings will help them.

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1. Procreate

One of the most beloved drawing apps for iPad is Procreate. It’s like a magic art studio that fits right in your iPad. Imagine having a whole box of crayons, markers, paintbrushes, and even glitter at your fingertips without any mess!

Procreate iPad Drawing Apps

Procreate lets you create beautiful drawings and paintings with its vast collection of tools. Plus, it’s easy to fix mistakes with the undo button, making it perfect for beginners and pros alike.

And if you’re into animation, Procreate lets you bring your drawings to life with fun animations.

Price: $12.99

DownloadProcreate from Appstore

2. Adobe Fresco

Adobe Fresco is like having a water park for your drawings, where you can splash around with digital watercolors and oils that feel real.

Adobe Fresco Drawing Apps for iPad Air and iPad Pro
Adobe Fresco Drawing Apps for iPad Air and iPad Pro.

If you love painting, you’ll adore how the colors mix and swirl like on real paper. It’s also part of the Adobe family, which means if you use other Adobe apps like Photoshop, Fresco works with them in harmony. It’s fantastic for artists who are already friends with Adobe’s tools.

Adobe Fresco is Free to Download on your iPad. But most tools are locked with an In-App purchase, and you must pay $9.99.

DownloadAdobe Fresco from Appstore

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3. Autodesk SketchBook

Autodesk SketchBook is like a friendly sketch pad that doesn’t judge. It’s super easy to use, which makes it great for quick doodles or more serious art projects.

AutoDesk SketchBook Drawing Apps iPad Air
AutoDesk SketchBook Drawing Apps iPad Air.

It offers various pencils, markers, and brushes, like having a whole art shop on your iPad. Plus, it’s free, which is awesome for artists on a budget! This is a must to consider if you are planning to introduce a drawing app for free sketch works and to let them explore the possibility of what Apple iPad + Pencil can do.

There are some premium tools built-in that can be unlocked with a $1.99 purchase.

Price: FREE

DownloadAutodesk SketchBook from Appstore

4. Affinity Designer

If you’re into making cool designs like logos or cartoons, Affinity Designer is your go-to app. It’s like having a superpower for creating crisp, clean lines that never get blurry, no matter how much you zoom in.

Affinity Designer iPad Air iPad Pro Drawing Apps
Affinity Designer iPad Air iPad Pro Drawing Apps

It’s a bit like magic! This app is perfect for artists who want to create professional-looking digital art, and it’s especially great for graphic design.

Price: $10.99 (30 Days Free Trial)

Download: Affinity Designer for iPad

5. ArtRage

ArtRage is like a time machine that takes you back to traditional art. If you love the feel of real paint and canvas, this app is for you. It lets you mix paints and create textures that look and feel real. It’s perfect for artists who enjoy a classic approach to painting but without the mess of real paint.

artrage ipad drawing apps download
ArtRage iPad Drawing Apps Download.

The app takes full advantage of iPad and Apple Pencil features, providing a large canvas, especially on iPad Pro models. It supports Pressure Sensitivity and Tilt features as well.

Price: $2.99

Download: ArtRage from Appstore

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6. Clip Studio Paint

Do you dream of creating your comic book or anime?

Clip Studio Paint is like having your comic studio. It’s popular among comic and manga artists because it has special tools for drawing characters and scenes.

clip studio paint ipad drawing apps
Clip Studio Paint iPad Drawing Apps.

It’s like a magic wand for bringing your stories to life through comics or animations. It comes as a free download and, with an In-App purchase of $8.99, unlocks more features. Sadly, it’s a monthly subscription, and you may buy only if the features are necessary for your workflow.

Price: $8.99 / monthly

Download: Clip Studio Paint from Appstore

7. MediBang Paint

MediBang Paint is perfect for young artists or beginners. It’s a free app that’s super easy to use and comes with lots of fun brushes and backgrounds, especially for comic book styles.

medibang ipad drawing apps
MediBang iPad Drawing Apps.

It’s like having a friendly guide to help you start your journey in digital art, and it’s great for creating fun, colorful drawings.

Price: Free ($2.99 onwards)

Download: MediBang Paint from Appstore

8. Adobe Illustrator Draw

Adobe Illustrator Draw is your digital toolbox for making neat, clean designs like logos or web graphics. Requires Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription to use all the features. It’s all about creating smooth, perfect lines and shapes that you can scale up or down without losing quality.

adobe illustrator ipad pro
Adobe Illustrator for iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Pro.

It’s like having a precision tool for your artistic visions, especially if you love vector art. Some important feature highlights are “18,000+ fonts or you can add your fonts, Type on a path, Outlined Text, Variable fonts, and color fonts support“.

Sync between devices like iPhone and Mac. Also, you can access all the Sketch and Drawing works from your computers via a browser. Adobe Cloud integration works well for multi-device collaboration.

Price: $9.99

Download: Adobe Illustrator for iPad

Choosing the right drawing app for your iPad is like finding a new friend for your artistic adventures.

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An app is perfect whether you’re into painting, designing, comics, or just doodling for fun. It’s time to grab your iPad and Apple Pencil and explore these amazing drawing apps!

Remember, every great artist starts with a single doodle, and your iPad could be the canvas for your next masterpiece.

Thanks for checking out these Paid and Free Drawing Apps for iPad. You may share this list of great apps to let more people find them. Have a wonderful day.

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