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Here are the List of AI Apps to Create Art in iPhone and iPad. Best AI Art Generator Apps for you to Try. In this internet era, the power of AI and ML is insane and the evolution of apps makes our jaws drop. The goal of artificial intelligence (AI), a subfield of computer science, is to create machines that can emulate or mimic human intellect.

ai apps iphone ipad art generator

Now creative freedom is in our hands, using these kinds of AI art generators will create pieces of art from the text users submitted.  They get an image out of the text as an end result. If you enter an elephant with a mouse on its head, the application will produce an image respective to the text you entered. 

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elephant mouse ai art create

Interesting isn’t it? If that curious you a lot, I have handpicked the 5 best AI art generators for your iPhone and iPad which provide users with great art out of the prompt. Let’s have a quick look at them.

AI Apps to Create Art in iPhone and iPad

List of AI Apps to Create Art in iPhone and iPad. Best Art Generator Apps to Try.

Canva AI Creator

Canva is a very popular App among Youtubers and Bloggers. Create thumbnails, presentations, video intros and much more with canva easily. Now Canva AI is here and currently it seems to be in Beta, but works really good.

I have asked Canva AI to Create Steve Jobs and the Art Sketch work came out really good. It’s Black and White, but when we add more texts to the Canva AI, it will do wonderful job.

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canva ai art steve jobs iphone ipad

canva ai steve jobs

Canva AI converts your text to an Art or Image. Canva App is also available for iPhone and Android.

Try Canva AI on their official website.

One of the best AI art generator applications that can be easily used, Wonder AI is a straightforward art generator that is available as an iOS and Android app. The software needs you to enter a word prompt, it provides various options to select the best art style, these include Pen and Ink, Novelistic, Magical, Cinematic, and more. 

After typing the text, just click the “create” button, then watch as the image appears on the screen.

You are free to produce as many works of art as you like on Wonder AI because it is free to use. The drawback is that each time you want to create an artwork, you must first watch a 30-second advertisement. 

Even though it eventually becomes bothersome, this tool offers endless, cost-free text-to-picture outputs. You may purchase a Wonder AI Pro membership for a week or a lifetime to get rid of commercials and gain quicker processing speeds, but I believe that most users will be satisfied with the free tier.

Download for iPhone | iPad


The text-to-art generator StarryAI, which is also available as an app for Android and iOS, the tool does a decent job of creating AI images. The app has a user-friendly UI on iOS. 

starry ai art generator iphone

A variety of prompts may be easily understood by the AI. There were instances where difficult-to-understand visuals were produced by keywords, therefore the AI is not perfect. Because it is a new technology that is in the developing stage, it‘s not a big deal at this moment. Another function that I found to work well in my tests is the ability to assist the AI in producing images by uploading a photo or providing it with a base.

Users may input their prompts to create AI art in the text bar at the top of the home screen itself. Users do get 5 free credits when they download the app, but they can upgrade to the pro version to purchase more credits beginning at $15.99 for 40 credits. 

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In addition, users may share and keep the photographs they generate using the app, which is simple to use. Although the realism of the artwork is often fairly great, mistakes sometimes happen.

Download StarryAI for iPhone | iPad

Dream by Wombo

Similar to other AI Art generators the Dream by wombo AI text-to-image generator, is another advanced AI text-to-image generator. The Dream app by Wombo has a stunning design that emphasises its creativity. Although stylish, I also thought the design was simple to utilise.

dream ai art generator

Even while Dream has a premium tier with prices beginning at $4.99, you have more than enough choice in terms of art styles to produce original work for free. 

Enter the text prompt, then select an art form. There are literally hundreds of various art styles available for you to pick from, and there may be even more if the premium tier is active. 

You may also choose an input image to give the AI a starting point in order to give it a head start.

Download the Dream by Wombo application for iPhone | iPad

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AI Picasso

A text-to-image generator called AI Picasso is based on the Stable Diffusion paradigm. Although its app interface is unimaginative, the AI at least offers customers a limited selection of painting styles. 

picasso ai art generator iphone

Every time an image is made by AI Picasso, you are required to view a 30-second advertisement. Thankfully, the picture-generating process is free and relatively quick. However, any user may become tired of the constant stream of advertisements that follow each AI artwork production.

There is no picture resizing or editing options available here, and the Pro Tier is required to access additional graphic styles. Play around with Picasso for your informal requirements, but don’t have high expectations.

Download AI Picasso for iPhone | iPad


The architecture of Craiyon is as basic as it gets. Simply type a word prompt into the basic webpage, then wait for the artwork to appear. The photos take up to two minutes to develop and there is no option to select an art form.

craiyon ai art generator ipad

Even if you may not be familiar with Craiyon, a few months ago, the DALL-E Mini website was the talk of the internet. The renamed version of DALL-E Mini is called Craiyon, and it is now available as a mobile application only for Android. On the other hand, you can also use it on the website as an online AI art generator on both iPhone and iPad. However, keep in mind that because the app is a progressive web app when it is opened, the website really loads.

The photographs can appear distorted and don’t match the precision and skill of their rivals. By being more detailed, you may improve it a little, but overall, it’s about the same. Although Craiyon is a solid all-around AI text-to-art tool, it will need to catch up by 2022.

Use the Craiyon A image generator on the Website for iPhone | iPad

These are the Best AI Art Generators for iPhone and iPad that I have found useful.

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Note: This is developing technology so the application may crash or the output may not be as what you expected but I’m sure these applications are fun to use and helps you to spend time with it.

If you find this blog useful, kindly share it with your friends, they will also get to know about the AI art-generated apps that you tried, you may suggest it below in the comments section. Have a wonderful day.

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