Screenflow 7 Review and Coupon Code

Update: Black Friday 2021 Sale is here!. New Screenflow 20% Discount Coupon Code updated in the following Buy Now Links.

Black Friday 2021 Screenflow Discount Coupon Code

Telestream Screenflow has won the Apple design Award last year because of its brilliant Design and User Interface. If you have newly bought a Macbook, iMac or Mac mini and wanted to record your OS X Desktop screen, then the default Quicktime Recording option will be great.

Screenflow is here to help you producing excellent HD Videos for your Video Podcasts and Audio Podcasts, Video Tutorials, Marketing Video Advertisement Creation and more.

Screenflow 5 will definitely be the best companion for Teachers who wants to produce rich video presentations and tutorials to use it during classroom sessions.

Save while you buy the best screen recording app for mac today.

new screenflow review coupon codes

But what if you wanted to record your desktop screen, add a high quality audio, add some transition effects, wanted to do an excellent video editing to produce the final video in HD? Well, the answer is get Screenflow 5 from Telestream and create stunning video tutorials, screen casts, short film editing and do more.

Screenflow 8 Coupon Code 2020 (Updated)

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Wirecast Studio for macOS$660.25$486.50Get Wirecast Studio for Mac
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Wirecast Pro for macOS$995.25$796.50Get Wirecast Studio for Mac
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Wirecast Gear$4,995 onwards-Buy Wirecast Gear
Switch Pro - Windows$295.00$295.00Get Switch Pro for Windows
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Screenflow Review

The options are endless with Screenflow 5 and you will understand that, after your first attempt to create a screen recording video using this brilliant app. It is definitely the best screen recording app available for mac. I am using Telestream Screenflow 5 and i have been using it since Screenflow 3 version.


It works as promised and so far i am able record high quality HD Screen Recording video with Audio and uploading to Youtube, Vimeo etc., happens in few mouse clicks. I am a beginner and finding Telestream Screenflow 5 as the best screen recording app for mac. When it comes to video editing, Apple recommends its expensive software Final Cut Pro. But you dont have to spend thousands of dollars on a recording app and its components for additional features. Screenflow 5 is a premium screencast software available for mac os.

Final Cut Pro is best without any doubt, but not for everyone in terms of Pricing for affordable reasons and What features exactly user wants. Not every mac user should go for such expensive options when it comes to video editing. This small yet powerful app can do wonders if you spend some extra time exploring the possibilities of Screenflow 5. Tons of cool new features added with this latest version 5 compared to its previous version 4. The app is very stable for OS X Mavericks, OS X Yosemite and still runs well on older mac versions.

Best Video Editing Software for Mac

Lets explore the list of features that Screenflow 5 offers for Mac users and see how it will work for you before considering to purchase this app with 5% Discount Coupon Code.

Screen Recording – Record your Desktop Screen in Full HD Quality that looks sharp and excellent on Regular and Retina Displays. You can configure the recording options with its easy to understand recording wizard. So that it will be delivered to you in 720p, 1080p full HD video for uploading it in Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion or with your Blog Posts, CD/DVD Discs.

Record iPhone and iPad Screen – Latest version Screenflow 5 is fully compatible and supports all latest iOS devices. If you have iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or iPad Air 2 and wanted to record iPhone screen, then do it easily by selecting the device from the list at recording window. You can add Touch Callouts (show press, pinch and swipe gestures) on the video to help your viewer understand it better. This feature will be really useful for App Developers who wanted to update a quick video preview of their App in iTunes and Mac App Store.

Video Editing Options – There are tons of actions that you can perform with each video you record or import from your camera. Snapback actions and Screenflow 5 has added new set of action templates to make editing easier and streamlined. Tools like Transitions, Annotations, Text, Audio & Video Filters, Chroma Key adds more power to this beautiful video editing software for mac. You can easily add .SRT files to your video shot using your Digital Camera, Mobile Camera or to a Screen Recording as well.

There are plenty of other tools, actions available and you can learn them in a week time easily.

Publishing Options – Once you recorded the screen or finished video editing using excellent tools that comes with Screenflow 5, you can then export it to a High Quality HD Video file. You can manually share it in any media you wanted to, but Screenflow provides some built-in options that allows us to do one click upload to popular video streaming websites like Youtube, Vimeo etc., You can also upload the video to Cloud Storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox or to Facebook right from the screenflow export wizard.

Batch Export Videos – It has a splendid easy to use export interface and that allows you to do batch export of videos to any format you want. If you have recorded a video in 1080p and wanted to reduce the size of the video, then give a try with their preset values which optimizes your edited video for Web and other storage drives.


Telestream Screenflow 5 is a best buy to get the job done with less budget. Also, we like to bring a little savings to your pocket, so we like to recommend you an exclusive 5% screenflow coupon code for our visitors. If you liked our quick screenflow review then do share a word about this wonderful mac app to your friends.

If you are looking for Telestream Wirecast Discounts, checkout our Wirecast Coupon Code page to get the updated and working offers and details. Thanks for reading Screenflow Review and using our exclusive Screenflow Discount Coupon Code. We will be glad to hear your comments and reviews too. Have a wonderful productive day.

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