5 Best Entertaining iPad Games of All Time

iPad, the name that needs no introduction, is the no.1 tablet and is backed up by Smartphone behemoth the Apple. The Apple tag is sufficient enough to speak the quality of the iPad tablets. Although, iPad is not the first tablet to be available in the market but its introduction by Apple has changed the whole complexion the game. If you have iPad in your pocket, then you must be aware with the features that it offers.

best ipad games

Well, when it comes to entertainment on the go, iPad comes first in the list of tablets. iPad offers great hardware features so that you can enjoy high quality games on the move. Even, the entire community is backed up by thousands of talented developers who are working day and night to provide one of the best games and apps on the market. Not all the games are good to try, but the best ones can surely enhance your gaming experience. So let’s have a look at the best games for iPad.

Best iPad Games

Note: It will be next to impossible to enlist only 5 best iPad games since there are thousands of great games available on the iTunes store. However, we are just trying to list them here based on their popularity.

Angry Birds Rio

Love the famous game Angry Birds ? If yes, then you are going to love this one for sure. In Angry Birds Rio, the angry birds are kidnapped and are in the magical city of Rio. Play smartly with them and find the way to escape. It seems to be simple but it’s not so. The objectives coming in between of your path make the game interesting.

Sid Meier’s Pirates!

Ever played the Pirates game on your PC or Laptop. Pirates is one of the successful games of PC and now this one is available as iPad game as well. The iPad version is about one year old and is getting good success.  If you love to play adventure games, then this one is for you. Find your way to escape and fight with deadly enemies to reach your goal.

Infinity Blade II

It’s new version of popular iPad game, Infinity Blade. Show the actions inside you, fight with your enemies, kill them and win the game. The concept is simple to explain but tough to follow. Follow the scripted path and blow up your enemies with the powerful moves which you are handling with your fingers.

Real Race 2

Convert your iPad into a racing track by downloading this game on it. Real Race 2 brings the awesome racing experience on your iPad. You enter into the city of car drivers who don’t know any rules of driving, but only know the Speed. Drive madly and leave all other cars behind and win the race. Blow up the things that come in your way but be careful about the police which is always behind you.

Draw Something

Puzzle games have always been a great source of fun whenever it comes to gaming. Draw Something leads the queue of puzzle games for iPad. Draw anything random by using your fingers as sketch and set a puzzle for your friends to guess the name of your creativity. Create an environment of laugh with the funny answers floating from your naughty friends. Share your creativity with your friends on the social networking sites.

About: iPad offers good gaming features and is a gaming device in some sense. Bring the maximum of your gaming fun on your iPad by downloading these awesome games which are absolutely free. You might want to check out some of the best 3D iPad games, which contains some of the great games which had been skipped from this list. Geniusgeeks.com has listed some of the best android games here.

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