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5 Best Mail Apps for Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Email has become an important source of communication for any businesses and individuals. More than 80 percent of people register multiple email ids for businesses and for personal usage. We need to be more productive and stay in touch with messages sent from our Friends, Family and Clients. To make that process easy we have a desktop email managing applications called EMail Clients. Using that you can manage any number of email ids right from your desktop. All the important functions available on your web mails will be available on the email clients too. Once you configured the accounts, you will see separate inbox, sent mail, drafts, trash, etc. You can search all the mail accounts right from the search box of the application. So email clients helps you in different ways to effectively manage your email accounts.

We recently updated our list of free mail apps for Mac and Paid Alternative mail apps for Mac mail app list. If you bought a new macbook or imac, then do checkout the essential mac apps for new macs.


In Mac, we have a beautiful Email client app called “Mail” that comes with OS X by default. It is one of the excellent app for managing emails from your mac desktop. Apart from the “Mail” app, we have plenty of email clients available for Mac OS X with better design improvements and design changes. If you are bored looking at the same mail interface from Snow Leopard, then this article will become your favorite without any doubt, as we are about to suggest some Mail App Alternatives with better design improvements. Recently i wrote about “Fusion Drive on Mac” from Apple and the updated “iBooks 3.0 Review“. Today I am here with a list of few mail applications for OS X.

Sparrow ($9.99)

Next to the official mail app, Sparrow is one of the widely used email client for OS X. It has an excellent user interface which gives a clutter free environment and better readability to your emails. Also you can integrate your Facebook account with Sparrow easily. Once you integrate the account, it will add all your Facebook contacts to the application. It is one of the best alternative for default mail app in Mac OS X.



Mail Mate ($34)

Mail Mate has got a really wide and simple layout which offers a good readability to your emails. It has got different layouts and multiple notification methods for the user convenience. Using Mail Mate you can access the old emails even you are offline. It has a personal virtual mailbox which stores the incoming email ids, which can be used while replying to emails.


Post Box ($9.95)

Postbox is yet another best email client for Mac OS X. It has plenty of features more than an email client. You can add contacts from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to Postbox easily. Also you can access all these accounts profiles pages and update status right from the Postbox. You can categorize the email ids and move them to your browser’s bar for instant access.



Thunderbird is one of the well-known email client from Mozilla for Windows, Linux and Mac. It is an open source application, which gives a simple and classic look to your emails. The interface is very simple to understand and you can manage emails easily through the application. Similar to other email clients you can access your existing emails even you are offline.



Mail Tab for Gmail

Mail Tab is an email client application exclusively for people who have multiple Gmail accounts. It is a best application for instant access towards all the Gmail accounts right from their desktop. You can see all the mails, notifications, compose and send them from your desktop. Both free and paid versions are available. In free version, the accounts you can add is limited. So if you like the application and want to add more accounts you can go for the premium one.


These are the five different mail apps for Mac OS X which helps to manage all the email accounts right from your desktop. While using these types of email clients you should be careful about protecting your user account with a strong password. Otherwise your colleague or friends using the computer may access your emails easily. So always have a look at your user account’s password carefully. Also don’t forget to share the experience with us in the comment box. Thanks for reading. Have a great day.

About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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    1. Vincent, I have Sparrow and love it . . . but I just read this morning that they got bought out by Google a couple of months ago and will no longer be updating their s/w. 🙁

  1. Hello robin, installed sparrow but its continuously hogging internet usage. Checked it with network monitor too,the sparrow app is continuously downloading something. This happens all day. Any idea ?

    1. Hi Tushar, for the first time it will download all the mails from your configured mail accounts to make it available locally when you do search for any specific email. you can turn such sync in sparrow settings and make it search the server whenever you want them.

      This is normal.


  2. I’ve been fooling around with different mail clients for years. Sparrow would never properly index all my mail, nor would Postbox. So for searching, I would never be able to find everything I was looking for. Finally fell back on Mail-it doesn’t do everything I want as well as I want, but it does the job and will have to do for now.

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