How to Fix “Call Failed” on your iPhone?

Are you experiencing frequent Call Failed Error messages on your iPhone? We are going to try some troubleshooting steps today to fix the problem. There are several reasons why you are getting call frequently failed on your iPhone.

call failed error messages iphone

I was frustrated after trying to make an important phone call and keep on seeing “Call Failed” Error messages on my iPhone. The expensive iPhone I bought is not even allowing me to make a phone call when I need the most.

In most cases, it may be a software bug, network issue, or sim card problem. The issue can be anything, but the fixes are common for call-failed scenarios.

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Before Fixing Call Failed on iPhone Problem

Another important thing is, Call your mobile SIM provider’s customer care and check whether any temporary tower maintenance or coverage issues are present in your area. If they say Yes, then giving a few hours will usually fix call failed on iPhone problem. Otherwise, you may proceed to follow these troubleshooting steps.

Fix “Call Failed” on iPhone

iPhone Call Failed Error message can be fixed in a few easy-to-follow troubleshooting steps. Do let me know in the comments section which method worked for you.

Turn off and Turn on Airplane Mode

After you face the “Call Failed” issue on your iPhone, the immediate step is to turn ON and OFF Airplane mode. If the problem is a temporary bug or issue related to iOS software, turning this Airplane mode ON and OFF will immediately Fix the problem.

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iphone airplane mode

If you still see Call Failed on your iPhone while making a call, proceed to follow the next step.

Dial *#31#

By dialing *#31# On your iPhone, you can disable your outgoing anonymity status and view whether you have disabled your iPhone caller ID.

If you hide your phone number from making calls, you will face a “Call Failed” error when making or receiving calls. 

If this isn’t working out, check once by calling your Mobile Network Customer care. They should be able to deactivate or fix iPhone call failed problems related to your number on the server side. If there is any Blocking enabled or any issues present.

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Check-in Blocked Contacts

Accidentally if you blocked the contact on your iPhone, you would not be able to make or receive calls from that particular number. So check whether you have blocked the contact on your iPhone.

iphone blocked contacts

To check blocked contacts,

Go to Settings app > Navigate to Phone > Tap on Blocked Contacts and ensure that the number you cannot make calls to is not in the blocked list.

Restart your iPhone

Restarting your iPhone will be able to fix most of the software bugs and issues; turn on airplane mode and restart your iPhone after turning it on and try making calls.

iphone restart network problem

For iPhone with face ID, press and hold the volume down button, and simultaneously power the on/off button to see the slide to power off feature on the screen. 

If you use an iPhone with Touch ID, press the power on/off button to restart your iPhone.

Remove and Reinsert your sim card.

You must remove and reinsert your sim card properly if it is a physical issue. Every model of the iPhone has a sim card slot on the right side; try using an ejaculator to remove and reinsert your sim card.

iphone simcard remove

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Reset your network settings

Try resetting your network settings to fix your iPhone’s “Call Failed” issue. Resetting your network will erase all WiFi passwords, preferred networks, and Bluetooth connections.

To rest network on your iPhone,

Go to the settings app on your iPhone

Step 1: Navigate to General

iphone settings general

Step 2: Scroll Down to Reset

iphone settings general reset

Step 3: Tap Reset network settings

iphone reset network settings

By utilizing these 6 easy steps, you can fix “Call Failed” on your iPhone. Only if you still experience call failed problem on iPhone, then it is must to visit apple service center to run diagnosis to identify any hardware problem in your iPhone.

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