HOW TO: Improve Tablets Battery Life ?

After Apple has introduced its iPad, many people have moved from Netbooks to Tablets. Many companies like Samsung, Motorola were started developing their own tablets after iPad hit the market. Many people preferred tablets because of its versatility and iPad is a best example for that. It transforms its usage according to the needs of the user. Also the battery backup of tablets is high when compared to the Netbooks. But some necessary steps to be followed to get a longer battery life on your tablet.


New tablet users unaware of these things and feel that their tablet’s battery life is very less. Comparing to all other tablets on the market, iPad has the highest battery backup (around 10 hours of usage and 30 days standby). That is why, iPad has revolutionized the tablet market. Even though it has 10 hours of usage time, if you forget to disable unwanted services and applications, your battery life will reduce automatically. So here we go with the steps to increase your tablet’s battery life.

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Improve Your Tablet’s Battery Life

Tip #1: Turn off unnecessary services running on your tablet. Like when WiFi, Bluetooth or 3G services are not used on your tablet turn off immediately because this will completely reduce the battery life of your tablet. When these services are on and unused, will drain the battery very soon by scanning for the network or devices. So it is always advisable to turn off the unwanted services when it is not in use.

Tip #2: Yet another important factor is the screen brightness. More the brightness less the battery life. Apart from battery life, more brightness will strain your eyes. If you are reading or watching a movie, more brightness will make your eyes to get tired. So it is always advisable to have less brightness in your tablets. This will save your battery as well as your eyes from strain.

Tip #3: One of the important feature of tablets is the multitasking. Especially when it comes to iPad, it can run any number of apps flawlessly. So always you have to keep an eye on apps running in the background. The battery will be quickly drained if more number of apps were running on the background. Periodically check for unused apps on your tablet. If it is an android tablet, use task killer application to kill the unused apps on your tablet.

Tip #4: Some of the apps in your tablet may use the GPS system for location services. Try to limit those types of applications in your tablet. Apart from necessary applications turn off location services in unwanted applications. In Android tablets try to avoid the applications on the home screen which uses network or location services. This will save battery used by the applications.

These are the simple tips to save your tablet’s battery life. Follow these tips and share your experience with us in the comment box.

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