What is Thunderbolt Technology ?

Thunderbolt technology is one of the fastest way of data transfer between Mac devices. It transfers the data at the speed of maximum 10GB per second. When new MacBook pro released earlier by this year thunderbolt started its debut in the Mac devices. By that time MacBook Air doesn’t have the thunderbolt technology. The newly introduced MacBook Air by last week have the thunderbolt technology for the fastest data transfer ever. By default MacBook Air uses flash memory for all the process so now the combination of thunderbolt technology makes the data transfer even more faster.

thunderbolt technology

The thunderbolt technology was developed by Intel Corporation. They first introduced this technology for the fastest data transfer. Now with the new OS X Lion you can connect the display to iMac from your MacBook Pro or MacBook Air using thunderbolt port. Newly introduced iMac contains the inbuilt thunderbolt technology which transfers the display from any of the above said devices.

Best Features of Thunderbolt

The introduction of thunderbolt technology enables lot of features and applications in the Mac devices. The features of thunderbolt technology are as follows.

Thunderbolt High Speed Data Transfer

Thunderbolt technology is developed for high speed data transfers. It can transfer  the data at a speed of 10GB per second. When thunderbolt port is shared by multiple devices it can transfer data equally to all the connected devices. One year of your hard disk storage can be backed up in few minutes. Also you can transfer the data from any of your devices to Mac with the same speed.

thunderbolt performance

High Quality Display for your Mac Devices

Now the thunderbolt display delivers the brilliant visual experience in the bigger screen. You can connect MacBook Pro or MacBook Air with the 27-inch iMac for the extraordinary visual experience. It renders the high quality graphics which gives you a cinematic experience. If offers  the display in 2560-by-1440 resolution from your connected devices.


Ambient Light Sensor and Clear from every angle

Ambient light sensor is the technology accompanied with thunderbolt which automatically adjusts the brightness and resolution in accordance to your room light. Thunderbolt technology gives a in plane switching option in your iMac to make a clear view of screen at any angle from your room. It gives the good color consistency for your screen even the light in your room is not that much consistent.

Better Facetime Experience

Facetime for Mac is one of the excellent app for video calls. Thunderbolt technology enables a best graphic experience in your Mac devices. You can connect any of your Mac devices with thunderbolt and you can experience the facetime in high resolution. Also you can take high resolution photos using photobooth during the video calls.

macbookair thunderbolt

Now the newly introduced iMac contains Magsafe for charging and thunderbolt plug inbuilt for the connecting Mac devices. So that you don’t need to buy any new connecting wires for the high quality display.

These are all the features and specifications of thunderbolt technology. What do you feel about thunderbolt in Mac devices and how much it is helpful to you ? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading.

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