Content Spinning or Idea Spinning ?

What is Article (content) spinning ?

Content spinning, or more popularly known as Article spinning, is a technique that website owners use to post a unique version of articles found on other sites on their own sites. It is optimized by search engines. Articles or bits of articles have to be rewritten. Some of the words, phrases and sentences have to be changed to give the new article a unique twist.

Why use Article-Spinning ?

People who use this technique explain that it is useful for avoiding the many penalties associated with using duplicate content. If articles are copied completely from other places on the internet without the consent of the owner of the content, the copier of this content can be faced with legal charges.

The owners of such websites usually hire different writes who then rewrite articles into their own unique version. This is a cheap, time saving way of selling an article. There are many programs available on the Internet that change words in the articles to make the overall article look different. This essentially means that these website owners are throwing the same, already available content onto the Internet for their own gains. Article spinning is being practiced for a long time. Old articles are taking new shapes and forms but having the same exact meaning and purpose. Article spinning is usually done for advertising, traffic gaining purposes.

Article spinning, although isn’t illegal, it is regarded by some as unethical. There’s an alternative to article-spinning known as Idea Spinning.

What is Idea Spinning?

Idea spinning is essentially the same central idea of the content but it is reorganized, not just the words unlike Article spinning. It is regarded as somewhat more of an ethical method.

content spinning

How does idea spinning differ from Article spinning?

The same points and ideas from the article can also be used to give off a different overall point to the reader.

The introduction and conclusion is always to be changed and rewritten. These have to be different from the original introduction and conclusion of the article but will using the same points in between however, rewritten. A new use for the same points and ideas has to be found. Idea spinning involves changing the idea yet still keeping the new article useful using the old article’s information. It is not just another version of an article. One can also change and replace the ideas and words in the article to give it their own twist. These might also include some original ideas. To take complete advantage of the opportunity, it also helps to make several different versions for several different blog posts for different purposes.

Which method is better?

Alot of different people rely on these methods for many different reasons. Each person is motivated by a different factor, which determines which of the two above methods they use. Many of the times, bloggers are cornered into spinning such articles due to lack of ideas and innovation so they can increase personal traffic and gain from such less effort.

Article spinning is known as more of an unethical method while Idea spinning is regarded as more of an ethical method as it also includes original ideas. Overall however, if comparing the two methods, if they are judged on the provision of original ideas and innovation then idea spinning has the upper hand.

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  1. nice i usually use first method because  content spinning is easiest way to write the article in less time. so by seeing these post i should have try article spinning also. 🙂

  2. Article spinning is one of the worst part in the web. Because it will affect the writers to give original content on here 🙂  Idea spinning is nothing but to copy the idea from the other article. At last, every one has to avoid article spinning work- it’s my opinion.

  3. I prefer to use idea spinning instead of article spinning. article spinning ussually give a bad quality of content, especially when they using a tool or software to spin the article… -,-

  4. Article spinning is the process of taking one article and creating several different unique version of it through the use of special tags. Search engines regard each version of this article as a unique article, when submitted to article directories. It’s important to have unique articles so that they are each indexed. 

    article submission service

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