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It is not me anymore, when you ask the author of this blog. Its now Authors, there are 6 techy contributors as of now. We are currently updating their Portfolio page for public view. Guest blogging is the best way of giving flavors to the readers in the content that we publish in our blog. Multiple authors can make the blog more powerful and informative than the single user blog. No offense, single user blog can do wonders if the author is efficient in bringing up preferred niche based articles.


Alright, let me start the purpose of this article. We as a team decided to launch a campaign (similar) to create an attitude of Guest Post based traffic driving approach around our friends and networks.

This process is now initiated through the Guest Post Exchange Programme to make it very effective and useful. Its not just about the traffic that we target, thats the reason we have editors in place to accept and reject the article that we exchange.

When you write for DailyTUT, you not just getting solid (do follow) back links to your blog, also our authors will write a guest back back to your blog as well.

If your blog accepts guest posting then do add your blog URL in the comment of 101 Blogs For You To Write Guest Articles Article. Do let us know your feedback and valuable suggestions.

This happens within 5 days from your article submission. Incase of any updates on this, will surely add them here. You can approach our authors (send personal message) to get suggestions on writing articles if you are doubted. Happy Blogging …


About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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