How Content Marketing is Better than Link Directory Submissions ?

If you are planning to do business online you should first know the effective ways of driving traffic to your site. The two common ways of marketing online are through content marketing and link directory submission. Article writing plays significant role in reaching out to your target audience and building trust. Likewise, it is also necessary to understand the difference between the two methods of article marketing.

content marketing

In this way, you will determine which one to use and you can obtain the most benefits.

Link Directory Submissions

There are several directory sites where you can submit your articles to different categories and niches. Through directory submissions you can have a great chance of obtaining a broad audience who is willing to listen and learn what you are saying. The main purpose of a user in visiting article directory is to find a specific article for a specific niche that can answer their questions.  That is why if you will submit your article to link directory make sure that the content can answer the user’s need and can be a solution to their problems.

When you submit your articles to directories you will experience some advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages include using of easy submission forms and easy access to the status of the articles submitted. In addition, you can also have the chance reaching huge audience that is interested to your message. Articles are approved easily so that it will be posted live on the internet. On the contrary, the disadvantage of submitting articles to directories is that despite of the fact that you have broad audience it is quite difficult to drive traffic to your site. Sometimes it is quite difficult to contact article directories and building relationship is hard.

How does Content Marketing works ?

Content marketing can be better only if you can provide great quality content. As much as possible you should provide a fresh idea that is invaluable to your target audience. It is important to invest your effort in creating content that will connect you to the target audience and at the same time attracts their attention. Provide content that will make the reader more interested and ask for more interesting information.

Moreover, content marketing can be effective if you know how to employ the best practices. The first thing to keep in mind is to develop content for the right market and place it in the right venue. Another thing is proper timing because the customers look for different content at different stages.

In this sense, you should build a time line for each content. Likewise, you should also consider the cost of content marketing. It is because content marketing involves money and time in developing as well as in managing. Thus, you need to have enough budgets so that you can constantly provide new and updated content.  Your creativity is also important to succeed in content marketing.

Driving traffic to your site can be challenging. No matter what method you may use, the important thing to keep in mind is to use the right strategy that can help in getting the target audience.

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