How to Get More Comments on Your Blog ?

Hello Blogger ! I am writing this article on request that i got from one of my friend from facebook. He likes to know the secret of getting more comments in his blog which isΒ  an year old. I am sure he is not alone. Comments are actually the best way to build a community in a blog. Many of you people aware about the forum scripts which generally used in websites to build a clean community that drive huge traffic and great discussions. The Forums are the best place to share under categorized forums on the relevant title in a complete threaded discussion. Before blogging evolves, forums are the main place where people hook up and discuss like anything. The thread goes on and on for many number of pages. I am a big fan of many forums still and using them in needed times. Ofcourse the time i spend is considerably reduced due to blogging πŸ™‚

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Comment on Other Blogs

Few months ago i wrote about “Top 6 Forum Softwares (Bulletin Boards) for your website“. You may check that out to get a better idea about forums and the list of famous forum scripts that you can think of using it in near future if you wish to start such forum. So totally it is about Traffic. Thats the magic word rules the web masters all the time. Building a website is not a tough task today. Anyone who know to visit google can do it by simply making a little search. So the deal is getting traffic and i like to move little more precise, then i will call it as Genuine Traffic (Quality Traffic) and we can name it in many ways.

So getting more comments in a blog also stands close with getting genuine traffic. Let me share the exact tasks that you can do to achieve the good traffic and good comments as well.

Become a Social Bookmarking user:

Social Bookmarking means so much these days. Not just for bloggers, people who ever try to know many useful websites use social bookmarking websites. So why dont you, as a blogger can jump into the pool to meet new people and say hello, hi this is so and so, and i write awesome contents.

Whatever you use, try to promote them via your weblog or website. Thats the primary step that you can do to get a good fan crowd. It shouldn’t be just you who have member ship with a social bookmarking or whatever application in web and sharing the articles and favorites you like. Try explaining things to your visitor by means of article with features, benefits, highlights and so overall positives. This will be a good start really to make people subscribe and add you as a friend (we generally refer it as following you).

You may find one of my article “Social Bookmarking and 20 famous SB providers” useful to understand about Social Bookmarking and 20 famous providers. Dont forget to manage a separate mail account for these tasks.

Become active in Twitter:

Trust me ! this works thousand times better. When you have real crowd of twitter followers who trust your tweets are good to read and worth to view then you are the king. Twitter traffic gives me good business actually. Yes, i can see a quality retweets for my posts and promotions these days. Whenever i recommend some quality product with worthy discount to try then people who love to save some money further retweet it to their followers and it is read by good number of people every day. So dont fall for scam or spams, it is very important. Dont simply fall for “Get more twitter followers by simply creating an account with us”. You will find thousands of such websites when you do a google search with a keystring “how to get more twitter followers“. So try safe practice in twitter followers increase.

– Best way to get twitter followers:

Retweet articles that you find interesting across blogs. Check “Networked Blogs” for more number of interesting blogs. Use “Hash Tags” while retweeting the articles. I found this 100% working technique in my case. I just dont want to promote you some false products as i have not find any solid products in web so far that gives you high quality non robot twitter followers. So, you can try out this technique to get more twitter followers.

Become an active commenter in other blogs:

100% working method i found next to twitter πŸ™‚ . Rarely you will get some spam comments. However in 99% case you will find your fellow bloggers comments that creates a good discussion with your blogging community. Bloggers who have the thought of promoting their blog will surely comment back by visiting your blog. So dont just be a commenter who comments for back link. It is really important to give some good comment that initiates discussion in other people blogs as well.

Do Follow Comments in your Blog:

Many bloggers are so curious about getting link back to their blog. You as a newbie blogger can try enabling commentluv plugin in your blog to let them know you love comments also at same time you are ready to give a back link to their weblog. This is an effective method ofcourse. Once your blog started to grow it is advisable to stop the dofollow to avoid link juice issue.

Use a Good Commenting System:

WordPress Default Commenting System is very effective. However, if you feel like using some commenting system to add more API connectivity to your blog then you can do it. Because commenting system allows the user to comment on your blog without logging in. They may use the Twitter, Facebook API Commenting feature to comment quickly. This updates their social networking profile as well which will notify other friends of his profile.

I do have an article to give you a free backlink. You can add your weblog here if you accept Guest Articles and have Commentluv enabled in your blog. Just leave a comment with your blog url in this article.

Thats all for now. I will update this article when i come up with new tips to take your blog to good levels. Happy Blogging !

About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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  1. i am sure now it will be easier to find some comments on my blogs as i have already started to follow these instructions.thanks a bunch friend!

  2. Robin,

    I’ve found CommentLuv to be THE solution to getting more comments. I have a blog that gets about 25 people daily. In usual case that won’t even bring 1 comment. But CommentLuv just changes the game. People are racing to leave a comment.

    Kudos for bringing it up.

    Also, two BAD advices for NOT getting comments πŸ™‚

    1.Use DISQUS.

    1. Use Akismet instead of some kind of invisible captcha (Anti-Captha plugin) and don’t check your SPAM folder.

    One of my e-mails actually triggers Akismet and it doesn’t matter how good comment is – it gets to SPAM. Then I have to personally contact the blog author to check the Spam folder to get it out of there.

    Many are really surprised… “What? This piece of $#@$ that is Akismet and came pre-installed with WordPress DOESN’T work?” To which I advise to google for “blocked by akismet” to see the amount of really poor decisions this software does. Contacting them didn’t solve anything.

    Thanks for the post!

    1. Hi Slava, i agree for people who expect good number of comments cannot stay with Disqus. However sites that simply focuses on news updates and tech updates can rely on disqus. As i mentioned it helps to prevent link juice problems. Thats the reason disqus is yet thinking about adding commentluv like rss feed caller.

      2nd, akismet really gives me tough time these days. Not properly filtering the spam comments and as you said its true that some valid comments are blocked by akismet.

      Thanks for dropping a comment !

      1. Robin,

        Try disabling Akismet and installing “Anti-Captcha” plugin (from ‘Plugins/Add new”) – it’s what I use. It’s an invisible JavaScript code that will only let real users with real browsers leave comments – the rest will go to Spam.

        I’ve seen 1 false positive, but I’m still not sure whether that was really an error.

        1. will try in one of my blog @slava. let me see how it works. If that one surely the best then i will implement it in Dailytut also and recommend it to all. πŸ™‚

          Whether it just filters the browser or how about users who visit and give some useless comments to get backlink ?

          1. “useless comments”

            No, unline Akismet it doesn’t make any decisions on “usefulness” of comment. (As a serious programmer, how have a lot of skill in text categorization I can tell you – it’s nearly impossible to do without false positives).

            It just verifies that the user was an actual human being with a real browser. Actually it only verifies that he really used web browser. Almost 100% of bots and automated comment systems don’t use real browser and therefore fail this test.

            You still have to deal with “useless”, but IMHO it’s better than when real users get classified as “Spam”.

          2. I made a mistake. I was about to say the spam comments manually entered by users. Ofcourse everytime i read them and remove them manually. 1 or 2 comments in the row. So i should try u r recommendation. πŸ™‚ Thanks a ton for the great discussion.


    1. Good suggestion Karan. We do have some essential plugins to motivate our commentors and through that, we can drive a decent traffic. πŸ™‚

  3. i got dofollow plugin ready but not sure if i should use it, so far it seems like negative impact overcome the positives. What do you suggest Robin .


  4. Getting comments from loyal readers is the best gift for the blog writers. Replying for valid comment is one of the responsibility of the good blogger. I want to be a loyal reader and wanna thank for your valid tips.

  5. Well, I am an active social bookmarking user, an active commentator on other blogs and I am using a good commenting system with a dofollow link, but still my comment to post ratio is very less. What I am missing is Twitter. Will try that from now on and I hope that I will get more comments. Thanks for sharing an useful article.

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