Sexy Bookmarks WordPress Plugin Not Working After Updated to 3.2

Sexy Bookmarks stopped displaying the list of bookmarking icons in the post page. The problem occurs after updating it to version 3.2 today. To make the icons displaying again you have to visit the Sexybookmarks settings page under Dashboard -> Settings.

If you face the similar issue in your blog, then uncheck all the selected icons in the settings page and reselect the icons that you wish to add it in the list. This will solve the problem. We can expect the fix in next release soon.

About the Author: Robin C

Security Consultant, Engineer, Technology Enthusiast and Blogger.

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    1. Very true bro.. i was bit lazy to configure the footer of the post at that time. Even i use very less number of plugins overall in the blog i install even in customer side.

      Manual code entering is highly recommended for resource utilization in the server as well. Once the traffic goes high we will surely get a notice letter from our hosting provider if the site is hosted in shared hosting.

  1. My sexy bookmarks stopped working even prior to the update, meh. Nothing worked, so I deactivated the plugin, deleted it and installed anew. Seems to be working so far. 🙂

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