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socialbookmarkingI am writing this article on request received via an email to [email protected] . If you have no idea about social bookmarking sites, then you may continue reading with this article.

Many beginner level users have this question in mind. How to find websites that will make me entertain ? or how to find sites that contain good contents to read when i am bored ? . If i want to answer a question “Why the user is not sitting with the computer not more than 30 min’s or many times just coming online to check their email and orkut then shutting the system off ?” i must say its all because they don’t know the sites where they can find some interesting readings, pictures or stuffs. If they know some 10 to 20 websites atleast, where they can find their favorites then it will surely make them to stay online for many hours. Keep on reading this article. At the end of this article you will be given few sites which delivers the title and guides you to begin your new internet experience.

If you have the habit of reading books, then you must know what a bookmark is. We normally use bookmarks to remember the page that we read last time. Internet is an ocean. It is impossible to remember the interesting articles, tutorials or stuffs that we come across, whenever we sit online. To make that impossible into possible, the concept of bookmarking evolved. I will try my best to explain the social bookmarking here as simple as i can. Internet Bookmarking allows every frequent internet users or internet freaks to save the web address (url) they visit. If you read an interesting article sent by your friend or some one, then you may book mark it for later viewing and sharing too. I will explain the common registration procedure, bookmarking a website and reviewing a web content or a website in this tutorial. The term “Social” is used here to tell us, its not just bookmarking of a single user. Finding new friends, adding them, recommending some contents to them and so on.. Bookmarks you save will be saved in your account, hence it is possible to view those bookmarks in any computers and in any corner of this world. No need to carry a pen drive or excel document that contains all your worthy bookmarks.


digg-logo-heart-lg1Have a look at various bookmarking sites and pick your favorite one or more 😉 . let we start with Digg, a very famous social bookmarking site. Digg competes google news traffic in previous months. Anyhow, digg is not only used by Bookmarker’s, it is also used by many people for finding some interesting websites, news, info’s and readings on the go. This shows, digg can be used as an infotainment zone. So how this digg actually gathers this much website ? is there a big team in place to load and unload (digg and undigg) all these sites into digg’s categories ?. Ofcourse not, we are the people who Digg these sites and links which we find interesting that can be recommended to others. website developers, bloggers look for some one to comment on their work. This can be done only by letting other internet users know that i have wrote something in my website. The Digg button embedded by the website or blog owner is used by themselves or by their visitors to move the link of the article’s, title and description of the article to Digg website.


I saw many Breaking News first with Digg before it comes in Television or in any other news / media websites.

If more number of users digg on the same topic in the content owner’s website, then the listing of such articles moved into digg’s homepage or particular categories homepage. The algorithm loaded in the digg’s end managed to bring new diggs to front page and also for review by other users. Digg’s can also be searched in images, video’s and new’s from the home page itself. I have enough said about digg and the style of bookmarking works. Ofcourse, every social bookmarking site uses their own page appearance, algorithms and so on.



You will feel like flying in the internet space when it comes to stumbling. Stumblers are the stumble upon users who have an account with (ofcourse, free signup) and stumble’s (bookmarks) the website they find on the go. It is possible to protect our bookmarks when we have our account with SU. Adding more friends, sharing the bookmarks, can be done here too. Stumbleupon also provides its unique toolbar where you can install it with your favorite web browser (firefox or internet explorer…) and bookmarking, stumbling things can be done simply from your top panel of the browser without visiting SU each time. Stumbling can also be done with Images, videos, contents, tagged topics, and stumbling through your friends list.

23I am very sure you will not at all feel bored when stumble upon is installed in your browser.

Enough said about Social Bookmarking and the steps involved in create an account, managing your bookmarks. Lets see the Top 25 social bookmarking websites.


Yahoo Buzz



Google Bookmarks
















These days, Social Bookmarking sites help the bloggers especially to increase their blog’s popularity and to get more traffic. So if you are going to begin with blogging, then you must know many social bookmarking sites where you can use for spreading the articles you write. This can be one big source to pull some interesting traffic (to get comments).

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