How to Auto Update Facebook Wall with Blog RSS Feed

If you run a weblog, and waiting in the row of online money makers, then you can try this option to increase your overall traffic. Social media is pretty much everywhere and almost rules the world with some of its widely in use applications. Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Stumbleupon and the list goes on and on. I wrote about 20 famous social bookmarking providers few months back. Email marketing is an old and very effective strategy to gain more traffic. Many newbie bloggers prefer their mode of gaining traffic as social media these days.

When you have 1000 friends in your facebook, you can tell all of them about your recent article by publishing the title of the article, description of it and finally the link to it. It increases the chance of getting the article read by your friends and they do leave a comment based on the way you write it. Rssgraffiti is a facebook application that allows you to update your facebook wall with your favorite blogs recent RSS Feed data. You dont have to copy and paste the link each time after writing an article in your blog or whenever your favorite blog got update.

[youtube width=”550″ height=”344″][/youtube]

I prepared a video tutorial to explain the RssGraffiti integration with your facebook account. Its like the same way you do with other facebook application. Allowing the application to update your wall, profile data and so on.

Do leave your comment after adding your favorite blog with your facebook. Have fun !

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  1. Bloggers shouldn’t over do this. Because every time blog is updated others facebook page gets cluttered with the same post at least 3-4 times. Like one for page another one if you are his friend and then networked blogs and any other application you use. I use FB purity script in Firefox to prevent this.

  2. The popularity of sosial network like Faceook also has good impacts on our blogs like the increasing of our blog’s traffic simply by adding RSS feed links to Facebook Wall. Thanks for this tips

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