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Swift Themes known for its excellent Page Speed score and Admin features now comes with 40% OFF for limited number of copies. It is not that easy to find a wordpress theme that suites all your requirements, and Swift Theme for WordPress just becomes your favorite after you start to use. I have used swift themes here and still using it for some of my client websites that still shows impressive performance in many aspects. We do have swift theme review which gives you better idea about the theme framework and features it has to meet your requirements.

swift themes

WordPress Premium Themes always the best when we search for a Quality and Feature Rich themes. Second comes the support, which assures you that you are in good hand.

Swift Theme Premium

Their Responsive Design adds more value to the existing power packed wordpress theme. The recent release of swift v6.2.0 also has three new color schemes and distraction free color options page. If you are not a web developer or good with PHP, CSS it is still possible to do so much with Swift Themes. Swift Admin Control panel comes with features that you cannot see with any other premium themes.

You can customize and make your site design look amazing without much coding knowledge. For an example, the color schemes they have lets you customize the color of every are of your website easily. You can fine tune your color schemes to make it look rich and unique on your website.

Rich SEO Features built-in makes your articles rank well when you optimize them perfectly in terms of SEO. You dont need any third party plugins to do that job, and if you like to use one, then you may do it by disabling the theme default seo settings and let the plugin take control over it. HML 5 and CSS3 combination rocks really when you want to consider so many SEO benefits that it comes with. Many websites started to use HTML 5 these days after understanding the benefits of HTML5 in websites. You can get it right away by purchasing swift theme to your blog.

Above are some resources that can help you to learn html5 in a short duration if you want to become a developer. Dont forget to check out their free theme if you like to try out Swift before purchase. You can just explore few of the theme features in their free version.

Swift Theme Coupon Code

  • Swift Personal License: 57$ 39.9$ ( You save 17.1$ )
  • Swift Developer License: 97$ 67.9$ ( You save 29.1$ )
  • Upgrade to Developer License from Personal License: 40$ 28$ ( You save 12$ )

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