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Best Google Chrome Extensions for Frequent Travelers

Are you a frequent Traveler ? Looking for an easy way to plan and organize your traveling ? Its time to make your traveling even more convenient by using some of the browser extensions that i am about to suggest for you Today. Recently i…


7 Google Chrome Extensions for GMail Users

Gmail is a golden duck of Google. It is one of the widely used web mail in the world. After introducing Google+, Google has brought lots of changes in Gmail’s user interface. It has both advantages and disadvantages. Google Mail is popular because of its…


Impulse: Google Chrome Shopping Extension to Save Money

Are you a regular online shopper ? Ready to save some Dollars with a simple extension for your Google Chrome browser ? Continue reading to know how easy it is to shop online and save money. Impulse builds a private shopping cart in your computer….


Best 10 Chrome Extensions for Web Developers

Google Chrome is one the fastest web browser, that we use every day to surf the web. It is a lightweight browser and has inbuilt webkit tool engine which helps to load complex websites in a lightning fast speed. Chrome extensions are very helpful for…

Top 10 Photo Editing Chrome Apps

Since the cameras were discovered, photographs are the biggest memories for people around the world. It’s like a breeze strike your face when you accidentally look into your old photos. That’s why most of the people interested in photography. Also professional photography has improved a…