Top ReTweeter of the Month – 3rd Week [June Contest Tracker]

Here are the list of Top Retweeters upto 3rd week of this month contest. Before displaying the top retweeters, still many have not understood the rule of the contest. You are allowed to retweet any tutorials from the archive list of dailytut. Must to use #dailytut-june as the hashtag while retweeting the articles. Many have retweeted the articles, but still forgot to add the hashtag or in some cases there are spell mistakes with the hashtag included. So please take care of it to make your retweet count.

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Upto June 21st (sunday) the particpants in the contest with total number of tweets are,

Prajeesh Chandran (58 Tweets)

Dadha Kumar admin of Techkumar (28 Tweets)

Avi Singh admin of AviTricks (1 Tweet)

Anand admin of Pixhome (1 Tweet)

Only a week more to announce the winner. 🙂 lets see who is going to be the winner of this month contest.

About the Author: Robin C

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  1. Wow. Great initiative and unique contest! Love it! Gr8 way to track Tweeters and give some stuff to them.

    I think I should learn some tips from you.. will try to implement this in my blog! ^_^

    1. Hey pradeep, you are the leader for TN in blogging for many freaks.. 🙂 I am happy that you like the contest and thanks for the comment.

    1. Thank you so much Gagan 🙂 i am totally suprised to see the article in your blog and just noticed the pre announcement you have made. Cheers

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