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We are expecting the Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 to be released in India by this month end (june, 2010). So that we can give the latest version as the giveaway for our June Contest Winner. 🙂

Kaspersky launched its next version 2011, to add more improvements to the kaspersky antivirus and internet security platform. Kaspersky is one of the toughest anti virus scanner available against viruses, trojans and worms. It gives real protection to the computer users by fighting against so many common and complicated cyber security threats. The next version seem to be the best one again with so many improvements in its core features.

Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 trial version can be downloaded from its official website. It is highly not advisable to download the anti virus or other software’s from unofficial sites as it may contain some malicious codes (injected) to infect the users who love piracy. Atleast for an antivirus system which gives protection to our data and privacy, it is recommended to invest a little amount every year for its license.

Lets have a look at the features included in its 2011 version.

  • Improved: Risk-based Application Control restricts programs’ rights to access potentially vulnerable system resources or share sensitive data on the Internet
  • New: System Watcher – Heuristics-based analysis monitors, restricts and blocks suspicious program behavior
  • Improved: Safe Run mode launches questionable applications and websites without risk
  • Improved: Rescue CD disinfects the system after malware attacks
  • New: Safe Run for websites mode provides added security for online banking and other similar activities where a high risk of identity theft exists
  • Improved: Advanced antimalware technologies even allows installation on infected PCs
  • New: New System Watcher technology tracks, records and analyzes suspicious activity and lets you roll back any dangerous actions
  • New: Safe Surf technology blocks malware and phishing websites for great online security

Kaspersky offers Real-time proactive protection against all Internet threats, and it has 3 new features to be mentioned.

  • New Safe Surf feature for unparalleled online security

With Safe Surf you’ll never be exposed to harmful or offensive websites. Regular database updates from Kaspersky Lab means that Safe Surf will automatically block undesirable websites as they appear. Just switch it on.

  • System Watcher technology

Cutting-edge System Watcher technology monitors and analyzes every system event to accurately detect any dangerous behavior. If a threat occurs, the user will be prompted to roll back any malicious program activity.

  • Easy-Access Desktop gadget

Checking your PC’s protection status and quickly accessing your preferred security features and settings has never been easier!

Download Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 (Trial)

Download Kaspersky Antivirus 2011 (Trial)

The trial software downloading site may be down often due to high requests. Please try after sometime to get your trial copy.

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