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Joomlashack is a popular Templates, Extensions provider with great team to offer technical support. If you are looking for some best joomla templates, then look no further, give joomlashack a try. They also have a joomlashack university which teaches students across the world about Joomla. You can start making money by running your own joomla based website development company in future.

Update: Get Latest Joomlashack Discount Coupon Codes updated and working.

Update: Joomlashack Discount Coupon update for the month of March 2015 is here. Use Coupon Code “STOREWIDE40” to save 40% OFF store wide. Click on the link below and use the coupon code.

Over $3500 worth of Value.

  • All our Templates, 56 as of July.
  • Unlimited Copyright Removal (Rebranding, Reg price $42 / template),
  • Unlimited Entitlements (Extra Domain Licenses, Reg price $27 / domain),
  • 20+ new Templates to be launched during the next year (10+ for the 6 Mo).
  • Access to product updates and our STELLAR support.

Joomlashack Developer Clubs have more than $3500 in Value

Joomla is one of the famous content management system and many CMS users find this as the best tool to deploy a site faster, flexible and secure. Since 2005, Joomlashack has been a leading provider of free and commercial Joomla templates. Hundreds of thousands of Joomla powered websites are using a Joomlashack design. Many of the features you see on commercial templates today, like dynamic width buttons and source ordering for SEO were first developed by us.

Joomlashack wrote the original official Template Design guide for and thousands have used it to develop their template skills.

You can give a test ride with their variety of templates here. They do have some free templates thats worth to use if you feel to go for some free templates. Just navigate the Products Tab in Joomlashack website to get the list of free templates for joomla.

Another interesting set of service joomlashack team offers you is, Joomla Extensions. We basically use the extensions to add more unique features to the joomla deployed website. The 25% discount is also applicable, when you purchase some extensions through the link attached below.

The celebration has not yet stopped, you have another surprise awaiting in the queue of discounts. It is Joomla University 25% discount coupon. Now you can avail the 25% discount on the purchases you do with Joomla University package to train you as the best joomla content management system designer.

Some Testimonials wrote by Joomlashack customers

” I got a dev-pack with 3 licenses of the lightfast-template. I really love this template and I’m playing around with it a lot. Is it possible that I upgrade to a dev-pack with 6 licenses? ”

– Patrick Nell

” Hey guys. Love the templates, keep up the good work! In my opinion there is nothing else out there that comes close to competing with the Joomlashack templates. “

Philip Roy,

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Hurry! This coupon is good until Wednesday, September 1 at 11:59 pm EST. After midnight Sept 2, it expires!

I hope you find this breaking news as a worth to try one to save you some money. Do leave your comment after buying any one of the above joomlashack product.

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