What is Content Management System ?

CMS is a software or web application that we use to manage the documents in collaborative way. Blog is the one where we do frequent updates about category specific titles. But CMS does the job of a blog and yet powerful in managing the contents efficiently with navigation and other features. In blog we use widgets normally to add specific feature, and in CMS we use Components or Modules to add more features with the application. There are very few CMS systems that are existing as secure, reliable and stable till date.

Joomla, Drupal, Modx, e107 and the list grows on and on. All are open source scripts that let you to run the website at free of cost. If you are good with php, css and mysql then no more hiring of coders required. You can construct your website so easily in a day or week time. The CMS script allows you to define different group of people to manage your website and its contents. Administrators, Authors, Editors are some common roles that can be defined to do the internal tasks. Each CMS has its own administrator panel to let the content modification done with the said privileges.

You can try one now by downloading it from its official website. If you dont have a web server then just download and install WAMP Server in your windows computer to transform your windows pc to webserver. Once done with the installation of WAMP, download the source package of the script from its official website. Its strictly not advisable to download it from any other website as it may have possibilities for containing malicious codes and viruses. I am actually writing this article just as an overview for CMS. Will bring more articles on CMS Modules, Themes, Component Customization in upcoming days. Do subscribe our FREE Newsletter in the side bar to get tutorials at your email box.

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